Mindvalley Review 2021: How The Self-Development Online Courses Work


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Mindvalley is an online learning platform that creates self-development courses. In these courses, you’ll find self-development specialists on a wide range of topics.

Vishen Lakhiani, the platform’s founder, says he wants to establish an environment where somebody can acquire all of the life skills that are just not taught in school.

Online classes like Mindvalley self-improvement courses can be useful in several ways. Here is a detailed Mindvalley review for everyone who thinks attending a physical class is the only way to learn.

Vishen Lakhiani’s ultimate life objective is to raise human awareness to new heights. And it is this high vision that propels him forward in all he does. So, whether he’s giving a major speech in Africa or teaching a meditation session, Lakhiani keeps the larger picture in mind.

This is also why he criticizes out-of-date educational institutions and traditional standards of success so frequently.

Let’s start the Mindvalley review by quickly looking at its pros and cons.

Mindvalley reviews
#1 Course For Life Transformation
Mindvalley Reviews
What I Liked About Mindvalley:
  • The World’s Best Programs
  • Connect with Powerful New Friends
  • Learn from The World’s Top Experts
  • Private community and connections app.
  • 15,550 Case Studies of Success
  • Private Social Network for Learners
  • Mindvalley now helps you create your own job.

    Mindvalley is a great learning platform that I recommend to anyone who wants to do work relevant to their lives quickly and efficiently. The videos are all well-produced and the teachers take a real interest in helping you learn what you need. My favorite part about Mindvalley is how they make it easy for people from all walks of life, from high school dropouts to CEOs, accessibility has been a focus of theirs since day one.

    Mindvalley Review: Pros

    High-class videos – The video-based training is of exceptional quality, and the sessions are engaging.
    Quality teaching style – Many of Mindvalley’s quests consist of 10-20 minute videos, perfect for engaging users and getting to the point. There is also a strong and committed student community that is always ready to help and support.
    Professional teachers – Mindvalley’s learning courses are taught by experienced instructors, authors, and visionaries.
    Free weekly masterclasses – A great way to experience Mindvalley is to try one of their free masterclasses, which are updated weekly. They last between 60 and 90 minutes and are taught by one of the Mindvalley teachers. In addition to the free weekly masterclasses, Mindvalley has a selection of free regular masterclasses for you to enjoy.
    Supports personal development – If you approach the lessons with dedication and devotion, there are chances that your life will change forever. You will not find a better platform for personal development than Mindvalley.

    Cons of Mindvalley

    Expensive – For someone who isn’t familiar with such online courses, Mindvalley masterclasses can be an expensive affair. But the good is that they have a monthly subscription offer as well. You can pay per month instead of the yearly subscription amount.
    The result isn’t always predictable – Mindvalley works differently for every person. It depends on what you are taking or grasping from each of the courses.

    Why Mindvalley?

    To begin this Mindvalley review, it is important to know who can benefit from their courses.

    In particular, what would be more advantageous to do one or more Mindvalley courses?

    These are the people who get the most profit for their dollar.

    Someone who likes books and self-help courses. This is the essence of MindValley. If you are a student who loves to see the latest courses in expression, speech, or energy healing, you will definitely love MindValley. It is perfectly designed to capture the charisma and powerful energy in which the self-help space operates.
    Someone interested in alternative spirituality. Many Mindvalley missions have a spirit of “DIY spirituality” so if you are interested in metaphysics and esoteric knowledge extraordinary, you will appreciate what Mindvalley has to offer.
    If you’re a curious skeptic, you might be interested in Mindvalley to find out for yourself.
    People who enjoy their daily work. Mindvalley is designed to do something every day. This is not a “one-time binge” platform. If you enjoy gradually learning and creating space for good habits, Mindvalley is a great option.
    Students who like to study online. Mindvalley is completely online. It is a very powerful video and all the videos are lectures. If you learn better this way, you will get a lot out of MindValley.

    New user? Here’s how to open Mindvalley account

    Mindvalley’s signup process is rather simple. Here is the step-by-step process so you know what to anticipate:

    Step 1: First of all, open the web page www.mindvalley.com. In the upper right corner, click Log In. You will have the option of logging in or creating a new account.

    mindvalley review create account

    Step 2: Select 5 choices of your growth areas from Mindvalley courses.

    select mindvalley courses

    Step 3: You may either join Apple, Facebook, or Google, or if you prefer, Fill up your email address, password, and first name.

    signup for mindvalley review

    Sign up with Mindvalley.

    Step-4: Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll be able to access the Introduction to Mindvalley and much more. Mindvalley comes with 2 pricing plans, choose your desired plans and enjoy Mindvalley’s life-changing courses.

    Try Mindvalley Absolutely Free For 7 days
    Get Mindvalley 7 days Free Trial Especially for Beforeyoubuys users.

    Connections by Mindvalley: An app for android and iOS users

    Mindvalley launches its own private social media program called Connections by Mindvalley.

    Mindvalley’s connections app has the fundamental purpose of connecting individuals. It links people to others who are already enrolled in classes.

    Connections by Mindvalley Apps on Google Play

    Through Mindvalley meetings, users, and the most recent events, you may simply connect with those who are already in the Mindvalley circle. It’s a good approach to learn about Mindvalley and its quests.

    This app is included in your subscription.  You can meet other registered people with the same issues as you and share your experiences and path to personal transformation together.

    The Mindvalley app also has a search function so you can find people in your country or closer to yourself.

    Other Mindvalley learner communities can see your profile and learn more about your personal journey and the courses you have signed up for, you can make friends and help each other stay responsible.

    For whom is Mindvalley not suitable?

    • Anyone looking for quick and easy “magic solutions”. Learning always requires encouragement, effort and a certain amount of dedication. Positive changes are rarely easy or immediate.
    • If you think the personal improvement industry is bad, Mindvalley is probably not the place for you.

    Mindvalley Courses Features:

    You can download the Mindvalley app on Apple TV and view Mindvalley commands on Apple TV:

    There’s what’s called a frenzy mode, which means all episodes are unlocked, meaning you can go through the entire show in one session.

    It’s so funny because the Mindvalley moderators kept saying you should work day in and day out and never do everything at once, but now Vishen says they’re giving you the chance to do it all at once.

    Mindvalley App:

    This is an app that you can use to connect with other people in Mindvalley. It is an online application that allows you to find, communicate and engage people. Vishen says there are nearly 10,000 people on the app right now.

    Mindvalley apps

    It’s been a long time, but Vishen talked about how people are creating new encounters in real-time and meeting each other more than ever. If you want to make an appointment, you can do so without permission.

    You can search for agencies in the Connections app to create key pools of ideas. Find out where people should meet or make friends. View all events and decide to participate. Vishen mentioned links and the connections app, so maybe one day you’ll find your loved one through the app.


    Good news for the Mindvalley learner community! Omvana and the Quests are now integrated. It means that with a Mindvalley subscription you can access every meditation of all quest. You can also combine meditations.

    Mindvalley Omvana Review

    For example, you can listen to meditation and add advanced birds, rhythms, flowing water, good background sleep, etc. You can adjust the volume of the main reflection and the background noise. You can also save it and view it at any time.

    It’s crazy! You have to download the Omvana app to do it all. You don’t need the old version if you subscribe to Mindvalley. Everything is at your disposal.

    Mindvalley tuition is now free for all Mindvalley students: It costs a $200 yearly subscription but is free when you purchase a Mindvalley membership. It’s incredibly cool! As part of the Mindvalley learner community, the classroom lesson can help you learn life-changing things.

    Mindvalley community

    Mindvalley is home to one of the most active online learning groups. If you want to connect with a like-minded, helpful, and friendly community, Mindvalley is the place to be.

    Mindvalley community access

    Each Mindvalley’s quest has a “Join the Tribe” where you can introduce yourself and share your knowledge, progress, and challenges. Mindvalley believes that communicating and communicating with other students is an important part of learning.

    Chat with other peoples in Mindvalley community

    Mindvalley members can read more than 14,000 success stories. You can select a filter for programs, categories or countries.

    The engaged learner community is an important part of the Mindvalley app, and sharing their experiences helps new members understand what to expect.

    What is the structure of Mindvalley courses?

    Most Mindvalley courses have a simple structure and the videos are the first tutorial. Just like other online learning platforms, video lessons are offered daily with classroom activities.

    Video assignments usually take 30-45 days and lessons are 10-20 minutes, so it’s not very time-consuming and you can easily attach them to one compact file.

    Mindvalley course duration

    Experienced teachers in the videos present a detailed and in-depth presentation on the topic and then share classroom exercises or assignments at the end of the lesson. For this reason, you are fully involved in learning, not just the viewer.

    In addition, you will be connected to a group of Facebook users who also perform the same tasks; so that everyone can share and communicate thoughts, ideas, and problems.

    You can also get extra tutorials depending on the task you do.

    What is a MindValley Quest?

    It is a kind of online book presented as a video. Each study is different from the next. Each quest has a 2–10-hour video, which is divided into several chapters. Each chapter contains instructions on some interesting activities that the user should do.

    You can join a search alone or with a group of friends. You must follow the instructions of the program to do the activity according to the teacher. If you are creative on your own, you can evolve with your skills and experience.

    Mindvalley quest review

    The search lasts between 30 and 45 days. And it’s still an easy program, but there are a few things you need to take care of:

    First, make sure you’re not leaving the sign-in area, or you’ll be taken to a sales page. If you try to sign in again, you won’t be taken to the same page you left off. It doesn’t matter if you’ve enabled all search access plans. You do not have any privileges in this regard.

    Mindvalley team spent a lot of money to do these surveys for his clients who have quest access plans. It is not easy to register and use these medium-quality programs with content.

    The videos are a lot of fun and easy to watch. With Mindvalley online courses, you have a convenient and unique video acceleration feature. Full access search has several searches that you need to do when ordering this application.

    What courses can you find on Mindvalley?

    Mindvalley includes over thirty classes divided into a variety of areas. These high-quality content are referred to as “quests.” Here are the following Quests you can find on Mindvalley:


    Mindvalley classes in the Mind category concentrate on positive thinking. These sessions focus on reviving your energy, unleashing the potential of your mind, and soothing your mind through meditation.

    Mindvalley mind courses

    This is the list of courses for Mind:


    Performance classes focus on improving specific skills such as Memory and Leadership. These are soft skills but are more applicable than “mind” courses.

    This is focused on different areas of your life, from developing a healthy and holistic mental perspective to owning soft skills.

    Here are the courses you can find in the performance section:

    • Superbrain by Jim Kwik
    • Hero. Genius. Legend. By Robin Sharma
    • Super Reading by Jim Kwik
    • The Habit of Ferocity by Steven Kotler
    • The Power of Boldness by Naveen Jain
    • Ultimate Leadership by Keith Ferrazzi


    Body classes focus on improving your body’s performance, whether athletic or helping you sleep. These are practical courses that give clear results.

    Mindvalley body courses

    These are the number of courses for the body:

    • The Longevity Blueprint by Ben Greenfield
    • The Mastery of Sleep by Dr. Michael Breus
    • 10x by Ronan Diego de Oliveira
    • Total Transformational Training
    • Advanced Home Workouts
    • The Mindvalley Yoga Quest


    Mindvalley’s soul courses are certainly a bit cruder on the subject. They are half spiritual, half underground, and half self-help. These topics are not only interesting and exciting but also point out strong scientific opinions.

    Mindvalley soul courses

    Here are the courses for the soul:


    The purpose of this course is to make you better at your work. Mindvalley has proper searches for public speaking and improving your financial relationships. These personal growth programs are definitely worth a visit.

    Here are the top courses in the work section:

    • Speak and Inspire by Lisa Nichols
    • The Quest for Personal Mastery by Srikumar Rao
    • Money EQ by Ken Honda
    • Everyday Bliss by Paul McKenna
    • The New Psychology of Winning by Denis Waitley
    • Mastering Authentic Networking by Keith Ferrazzi
    • Ultimate Leadership by Keith Ferrazzi


    Entrepreneurship is similar to the job category but is for people who want to do it alone – not waiting for a company to hire.

    Mindvalley entrepreneurship courses

    These are the courses in the entrepreneur section:

    • Hero. Genius. Legend. By Robin Sharma
    • The Quest for Personal Mastery by Srikumar Rao
    • The Power of Boldness by Naveen Jain
    • Ultimate Leadership by Keith Ferrazzi


    The Relationship Quest is about how you work in a relationship, whether you are a partner, parent, or business partner.

    Mindvalley relationship courses

    Here are the five wonderful courses that will help your relationship achieve growth and happiness:

    • Conscious Parenting Mastery by Dr. Shefali Tsabary
    • Conscious Uncoupling by Katherine Woodward Thomas
    • Mastering Authentic Networking by Keith Ferrazzi
    • The Energies of Love by Donna Eden and David Feinstein


    Finally, there is a category suitable for children, adolescents, and parents. One of the big classes is Be Extraordinary for Teens, where Vishen takes and reopens his Be Extraordinary course for a teenage audience.

    Mindvalley kids teen parenting courses
    • Conscious Parenting Mastery by Dr. Shefali Tsabary
    • Be Extraordinary for Teens by Vishen Lakhiani
    • Little Humans by Renee Airya and Akira Chan

    Mindvalley releases various new quests on a regular basis, so you’ll want to keep an eye on more than one course. Check its catalog throughout the year to see what’s new.

    Mindvalley class: How it works

    As you know, Mindvalley calls all of these classes “Quests.” So, start by trying to improve yourself with each quest.

    It works with the comfort of our laptops, iPhones, and desktops.

    When you join a quest, you will be redirected to the course page. On the course page, you will find all your lessons, divided into weeks and then days.

    Click on the exact day for your daily search. After clicking on the lesson, you will be redirected to a separate page where you will find:

    • Video lesson of your day
    • Lesson instructions
    • Additional material in PDF format
    • Complete tasks.

    So, watch the video and then finish the tasks. It usually takes no more than 30 minutes per lesson.

    Some activities could be “joining the tribe” (Mindvalley community group), other tests, meditations. Basically, the choices are pretty endless.

    The next day you will come back and do another lesson and so on.

    Again, since each Mindvalley classes are only 20-30 minutes long, it won’t cost you a big bite for the day. That way you take Quest lessons without spending money to learn lessons.

    You can now speed things up by doing a few classes a day, but Mindvalley wasn’t created with that in mind. Most learning involves attending classes and it takes time. So even if you get to the Mindvalley course in a few hours, I don’t think you get the full value of Mindvalley course material.

    Take your time, take lessons, complete tasks. Mindvalley refers to dedication.

    Mindvalley Membership:

    Mindvalley’s review would not be complete if I don’t mention the price. The Mindvalley masterclass prices vary and can be expensive. Some are $199 and others are $399.

    Mindvalley Membership is a course subscription plan that makes over 30 quests available for a very low annual or monthly fee that is too low to be true.

    With this plan, you get unlimited access to almost all Mindvalley courses for a fraction of the cost.

    After completing a lesson or study, you will have lifetime access to the entire course from a variety of devices, whether it be a phone, tablet, or computer.

    You also have access to exclusive group and class discussions known as tribes.

    This is a great option if you are only interested in one search and you want access to live. For other video tutorials, choose Mindvalley Membership, preferably the All-Access Pass.

    Mindvalley Cost: Is Mindvalley Membership A Good Deal?

    Mindvalley pricing plans

    I think Mindvalley Membership is a good offer if you are interested in more than one Mindvalley Quest.

    The cost for a single activity is $350. Two missions cost $700! It is not a stupid change.

    But if you sign up for the Mindvalley annual membership, you can access all classes for $499.

    If you have 2 lessons, you will save over $200. If you take 3 hours, you will save $550.

    If you went for 10 hours a year, you would save $3,000.

    So, for me, Mindvalley Membership is a good deal if you are going to use the platform. It’s like a gym membership – it’s a good deal if you use it!

    If you buy your Mindvalley Membership annual subscription and then you don’t use it, well then, I don’t think Mindvalley Membership would be a good deal for you.

    So, you need to decide for yourself if Mindvalley programs are right for you.

    About Mindvalley Trainers

    The Mindvalley academy courses have some of the best coaches in the world. Therefore, you can be sure that you get a quality education from top professionals.

    One of them is co-founder Vishen Lakhiani, which is just amazing.

    vishen lakhiani founder of Mindvalley

    The presence of a founder in the Mindvalley platform means that they are always focused on providing the service that is to succeed. When you are ready to train, you know the subject; That is why he always performs the necessary quality checks and balances. You will also lead by example, which is a great incentive for your employees.

    To get the most out of the crop when it comes to choosing the right teachers, the CEO of this company does not only look at opinions.

    The Mindvalley platform thus has not only employees who take on roles, but also people who carry out their work with passion. This means high-quality training for each student, without forgetting the coach’s professional performance. They do something they love.

    How to start the accession process?

    Visiting Mindvalley is stress-free! Here’s what to do:

    • Mindvalley creates self-assessment test to know which areas of your life need immediate help. Take the test.
    • Download the Mindvalley Academy app on Apple TV, Apple or Google Play to take lessons anywhere. You can also access the cloud version of the solution on your desktop.
    • Create an account and start exploring the system to see what it has to offer
    • Choose the appropriate task.
    • Join the community to find a learning partner, ask questions, participate in discussions, and more.

    Mindvalley Channels

    The Mindvalley web platform is more than just missions. It has several channels that you can explore as a member of Mindvalley Mentoring, Mindvalley Talks, and Mindvalley Podcast. This is a truly comprehensive online tutorial.

    Mindvalley Mentoring: Over 100 lessons from more than 80 famous teachers. It is a membership growth program that accelerates personal growth and includes effective training. It costs $199 a year or $599 to get even more access to mentoring.

    Mindvalley Talks: It has 1 million YouTube subscribers and is the equivalent of Ted Talks, where you can listen to and see motivational conversations on topics of interest.

    Mindvalley Podcasts: A wide range of podcasts and interviews with motivational performers such as Gary Vee and Lisa Nichols are available. You can add comments or listen to them later.

    Mindvalley’s biggest competitor: MasterClass

    MasterClass teaches students various topics from renowned experts in this field.

    The most noticeable difference between the two is what you can expect. MasterClass offers many more practical courses.

    There you will find other subjects such as cooking, tennis, theater, chess, cinema, writing, game design, fashion design, and jazz.

    masterclass mindvalley alternatives

    Mindvalley programs do not teach difficult skills. The aim is to learn by yourself, not how to do something.

    Mindvalley may have some well-liked teachers, but the masterclass has many famous faces. People interested in personal development may have heard of teachers from Mindvalley, Marrissa Peer, or Jim Kwik, but the common person on the street knows masterclass teachers like Gordon Ramsay, Alicia Keys, or Helen Mirren.

    Instead of daily lessons, the Masterclass teaches you at your own pace – each lesson lasting over 3 hours and divided into a dozen lessons.

    Compared to over 30 “Mindvalley’s quests”, you will find over 100 courses in the Masterclass – but the content is in a much shorter form.

    In terms of price, a masterclass costs $ 180 for the year, which is less than the All Mindvalley admission ticket.

    Both have great quality videos and content, along with experienced teachers. What you ultimately prefer depends on what kind of self-improvement you are looking for.

    Other Initiatives by Mindvalley


    It is a science-based lifestyle design program.

    The Lifebook will teach you how to write the mission statement of your life.

    Mindvalley lifebook program

    This Mindvalley Life Assessment will give you clarity and concentration on achieving all of your personal and professional goals.


    It is the best-selling spirituality program in more than 30 countries. Omwana is a collection of guided meditations, personal growth talks, and even hypnosis.

    Mindvalley omvana program


    It is a collection of advanced spiritual courses. Soulvana includes courses on meditation, abundance, mindfulness, and spiritual healing. Soulvana also has an All Access service that allows you to experience all of Soulvana’s current and future content. An annual subscription currently costs $ 299.


    It is a special Mindvalley quest for healthy living (not included in Mindvalley Membership) by Eric Edmeads. Wildfit is an innovative workshop that will change the way you think about food and fitness.

    Mindvalley wildfit program

    Little Humans:

    It is a spiritual education program for young parents. Little People is based on the concept of transformative parenting. This practice will help young parents raise their children so that they have healthy relationships both with themselves and with the world around them.

    Some of the Little Humans teachers will already be known to Mindvalley fans. For example, is the appearance of Jim Quick, the first expert in speed reading in the world.


    It is a collection of quests designed for coaches. Evercoach includes workshops on training methodologies, business training, and effective communication. Evercoach is a reliable program for both individual coaches and companies selling training services.

    Mindvalley evercoach program

    Mindvalley Review FAQ’S:

    Can you carry out the Mindvalley quest at your own pace?

    Completely! Although Mindvalley’s missions are designed to be fulfilled every day as a community, learning at their own pace and pace does not diminish the overall value of knowledge. It is important to be consistent and assertive when completing the entire resume.

    What if you can’t start your search at the specific start date of the course?

    It’s very simple: you can start lessons at a time that suits you. Each Mindvalley class happens several times a month. You can then select your desired course start date and see the number of students enrolled in that particular course. You can also resume a mission or lesson at any time.

    Cancel you cancel the subscription and get a refund if not satisfied?

    Different free Mindvalley programs for different people – Mindvalley courses may not be right for you and you may not notice it until you register.

    But stop worrying about losing your money because Mindvalley offers an extensive 15-day money-back guarantee.

    If you are sure the items are not for you, visit the Mindvalley refund page for a refund form. Fill in the information and send it. After a few days, you will receive an email confirming the success of the return. However, the money may not appear in your account before 5 business days.

    Is there a podcast for Mindvalley?

    Yes. Mindvalley podcasts include topics such as mind work, money, parenting, relationships, and the mind, soul, and body. They are created by various coaching specialists and allow users to post comments or mark them to listen afterward.

    How can I pick which Mindvalley’s quests to take?

    After you confirm your subscription, you will have access to the whole Mindvalley quest collection to make your selection. To make things even easier, the curriculum includes a 22-minute life evaluation test.

    The exam will reveal the aspects of your life that require the greatest attention and development. Mindvalley’s quests that complement your assessment findings can then be chosen.

    Does Mindvalley offer certificates?

    In addition to the invaluable knowledge after completing the Mindvalley Academic Course Library, you will also receive certificates. Each accreditation is worth $50, which adds up to approximately $1,600 for more than 30 searches.

    Mindvalley offers you free certificates for every Mindvalley course you take. They are a great incentive to take the course and can identify you as a member of the Mindvalley family. However, they cannot be useful if you are looking for work as a teacher or intern.

    What Categories are available on Mindvalley?

    Mindvalley’s learning Quests are divided into the following categories: Mind, Performance, Body, Soul, Work, Entrepreneurship, Relationships, Kids Teens, and Parenting.

    What is SPLASH?

    SPLASH is an acronym for Society for Platon Love, Appreciation, Smiles, and Happiness. It’s a Mindvalley initiative that intends to motivate employees by throwing surprise parties and offering free movie tickets.

    Is Mindvalley good for me?

    Each Mindvalley Quest will provide you with benefits that you won’t find in a traditional classroom. It’s a fantastic approach to strengthen your overall well-being and become a more productive person. This is the solution if you need to make some modifications for personal improvement.

    Mindvalley Review Verdict

    This was my honest Mindvalley review. Mindvalley is unlike any other learning platform rooted in the world of self-help, spiritual and esoteric. It is a platform for the development and formation of the soul.

    Mindvalley is definitely worth the right person. The right person is the one who loves their help and learns a little bit every day.

    For those who aren’t too interested in the darker concepts (or would rather not spend $499 for a yearly subscription), it may not be worth it. But, if you are willing to read and meditate from online programs, I recommend taking the Mindvalley courses.

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