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Do you want to sell your books online but aren’t sure how? This is a tried and tested Book Bolt review exclusively for you. Book Bolt can assist you in locating successful low-content book niches to sell on Amazon.

I’m delighted to report that Book Bolt has made book publishing much easier than anyone can anticipate. Continue reading the Book Bolt review to see how you can even make how amazing this software is. 

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What Is Book Bolt?

Book Bolt is the perfect low-content book publishing software for beginners. It allows you to create books from scratch and scale your business without writing a single word.

And if that’s not enough, Bookbolt offers so many features professional writers will love too – including digital ebooks on Kindle or iBook publication software. 

Not only does it have features for beginners, but also scales up your business without having any writing experience at all. It doesn’t matter what type of writer you are because with this program there’s something in store just right up your alley.

What Exactly Are Low-Content Books?

There are several types of content books. Of course, readers appreciate solid stories, growing characters, and a compelling setting. However, building all of them might take months or even years, and there’s no assurance that you’ll get a solid financial return for your efforts.

That is not the reason why many of us write. We wish to share our tales with readers and interact with them. However, if you want to produce passive admission into the world of books, there is a simpler option.

Millions of people worldwide are yearning for really blank books. Text and illustrations are not the only things available in low-content books.

Instead, they provide readers with a blank canvas to work with. Magazines, puzzle books, calendars, recipe books, planners, and even music books are examples.

Book Bolt is capable of producing a wide range of low-content books. A notebook is the most common of them. All you need are clear pages with easy instructions and a visually appealing cover.

Types of Low-content books:

Book Bolt can manufacture a wide range of low-content books. Here are the popular ones:

Daily journals

The journal is the most common of them. All you need are clear pages with easy instructions and a visually appealing cover.

book bolt daily journals

These days gratitude journals are getting more popular as more individuals begin to practice mindfulness. You may make one that focuses on specific incentives for your readers.

In books like these, I may put an inspiring phrase for which I am grateful, as well as a few things that would make that day fantastic!

To-do Lists

To-do lists are a very particular type of low-content book which is very self-explanatory. These internal sections enable the user to keep track of and observe actions throughout the day.

book bolt to do lists

There are various styles to pick from, so experiment to see which one sells the most.


Logs are useful for persons who wish to keep track of their activities. This might include costs, food, exercise, and habits, among other things. Consider your intended audience and utilize Book Bolt to produce a cover that appeals to them.


Planners are one of the best low-end book kinds. Because there is more on the interior pages of daily planners, they need a bit more effort to design than the other types of books on our list. 

book bolt planners

Your distinct personality distinguishes you from your competitors. It is critical to investigate and plan the niches and sub-targets here. Book Bolt, of course, provides keywords to get you started.

Prompt Books

People occasionally require motivation. In this scenario, another genre to explore is prompt books. 

Prompt books are well-liked among authors and artists. Discover a niche, such as science, fiction stories, etc, and create something.

Finding writing prompt books requires a bit more effort, but if you have a creative streak, this might be your chance to help others express their creative impulses.

Puzzle Books

This is a worthwhile category to explore. Book Bolt can generate word searches, sudoku, anagrams, and a variety of other puzzles and mazes for both children and adults.

Because the interiors are only available on the Pro plan, there is far less competition because fewer people do.

Music Books

Music books can be marketed to budding musicians who desire to compose their own music.

Inside the Book Bolt, there are some blank music lines for the owner to compose their own tunes. I suppose that with a little imagination, you may become one of the few vendors of music books.

What Does Book Bolt do?

With Book Bolt, more than half of your problems can get solved in no time. Here are some of the amazing features that you can only find on Book Bolt:

Niche Research

To see the most popular book categories, use the Book Bolt Cloud tool. You may also locate your specialization by conducting a keyword search. This is the initial step in figuring out what will and won’t sell.

KDP Niche Research Using Book Bolt

To begin, go to the upper right corner and choose the book category you wish to study. If you know you’re going to employ anything relevant to your niche, you may include a few keywords.

Keyword Research 

The keyword research tool on Book Bolt is quite handy. There should be a little skeleton key with the terms on the left menu. It should lead you to a keyword search engine when you click on it.

KDP Keyword research Book Bolt

Once you’ve accessed this tool, just put in keywords relating to your expertise to see what possibilities people are looking for on Amazon. For the greatest effects, go for something with more volume.

Cover Design

Everything you’ll need to make a decent cover is included in the tool.

Select the book size from the drop-down box, specify the number of book pages, and the system will build the cover for you in Book Bolt.

Book Bolt Cover Design review

Crop margins don’t require any computations, and the cover design includes a built-in controlled margin model, so you don’t have to download it unaltered.

In addition, Book Bolt Cover Maker makes it simple to build cover templates. You can upload a picture and transform it into a template with a single click of a button.


Publishing with Book Bolt is an extremely straightforward procedure. Simply submit your book using the KDP account you created once it’s finished. 

book bolt book publishing

Book Bolt also includes a listing feature to help you with this. Simply establish a profile and fill up all of your book metadata and vital details such as title, subtitle, keywords, author name, description, and so on. 

That way, all you have to do is alter the title and subtitle when you submit new books in the same genre.

Book Bolt Review: Pros & Cons

Book Bolt Pros:

  • You can discover the most popular categories, keywords, and designs.
  • A variety of unique templates are available in the Book Bolt design tool.
  • You may also select from a variety of pre-made interior designs.
  • Drag and drop is how you use the cover designer on your browser.
  • Book Bolt includes special recognition and keyword search volume built-in.
  • It has low-cost book interiors that can help it stand out.
  • You can easily make one or more no-content books and offer them on Amazon KDP.

Book Bolt Cons:

  • When you search for terms, a 60-second countdown begins.
  • To search for and download terms, you must install two Chrome Extensions.
  • Things like “Book Bolt Designer” are now unavailable. You must click on your account and choose it from the drop-down list.
  • It is not possible to download data in order to process it or mix it with other data.
  • The reverse ASIN data may take a few moments to load.

Book Bolt Pricing Plans Review:

Book Bolt has two subscription plans: 

  • Newbie $9.99 Per Month
  • Pro $19.99 Per Month

Both can be paid for on a monthly or annual basis. All Book Bolt plans include a three-day free trial.

book bolt pricing

24-hour customer assistance is included in both plans. 

The Pro version increases somewhat and includes everything as well as PuzzleWizz, puzzle-creation software. Puzzle books are a unique form of a book with limited content, and this program allows you to design a variety of problems.

You have nothing to lose by checking it out because they provide a 3-day free trial, so give it a shot and let me know what you think in the comments area. 

I have a referral coupon code that can provide you with a 20% discount. At the checkout, enter this URL and the code “BYB20”.

Book Bolt Review: Alternatives

In terms of alternatives, no program provides all of Book Bolt’s functionality. Sure, you could always have a few distinct software apps that handle different tasks, here are the top 4 nearby alternatives: 

1. Tangent

In terms of bundled deals, Tangent is the closest to Book Bolt. This enables you to design the roof as well as the inside. It features a one-time cost and an excellent user interface. However, unlike Book Bolt, it does not supply keywords with keywords.

2. Canva

Canva is a fantastic and simple design tool that you can use to create the inside and outside of your book.

Canva features models that meet your specialty that you can use as décor for free. To make the contents of your book distinctive, you can easily modify the colors and substitute phrases and sentences.

3. is a free program that can help you uncover keywords and niche ideas for your poorly written books. They specialize in long-tail keywords and let you filter out only the ones that are relevant to you.

4. AMZ suggestion expander

AMZ suggestion expander is a Google Chrome addon that increases the number of searches available in the Amazon search box. Customers enter these terms into search engines to find a product.

This tool can assist you to figure out which niches and keywords are being searched for right now.

Final Comments

Create your own books from scratch with Book Bolt! This software is perfect for beginners and scale-ups alike. If you’re an author looking to self-publish, there’s something here that will meet all of these needs – Book Bolt. 

Discover successful niches with excellent research data that guides consumers every step of the way. So, are you ready to begin using Book Bolt for no risk and strong long-term returns?

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