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You’re here because you want the truth about the publisher rocket. Well, this is it! If you’ve any questions like “Are they offering Publisher Rocket Discount Coupon?, kdp promo code” or How much does Publisher Rocket cost and how to use It?” If so then this article will answer all your questions.

As a writer, you know the importance of getting your book in front of as many readers as possible. 

But how do you find the best keywords and categories to optimize your Amazon listings? How can you make sure that your book is actually going to sell well when it’s published?

You have to jump through hoops, spend hours searching for the right keywords, and then you’re left guessing if your book will even show up on page 1 of any given category. This is frustrating! 

Publisher Rocket solves all these problems for authors like yourself. Our software will help save hours per month by automating tedious tasks such as keyword research, category selection, and more. 

It will also show you exactly which books are selling well in each category so that you can avoid wasting money on low-performing niches. Best of all, Publisher Rocket lets us keep up with the latest changes made by Amazon to ensure that we’re always providing accurate data!

Publisher Rocket Discount Coupon (Do They Offer Any?)

Do you want a publisher rocket coupon code? Well, sorry to say but they don’t offer any publisher rocket discount right now. But there are websites out there that promise users and give misleading information about how these codes can help you get your book on Amazon more easily for cheaper costs than before!

Publisher Rocket (Previously KDP Rocket) does not provide any promo or KDP rocket discount coupons either however if you sign up with their lifetime membership at $97 then it’s yours alone – no strings attached (and who wouldn’t want some time off?).

Publisher rocket review and discount coupon
Best Recommended
Publisher Rocket
What I Liked About Publisher Rocket:
  • Find Keywords that Readers Searching On Amazon
  • Spy Other Authors & Their Sales
  • Find Best Selling Categories In No Time
  • Spy Profitable Amazon Ads Keywords
  • Rapid Customer Support
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
  • Only One Lifetime Fee of- $97

    Publisher Rocket is the ultimate book-marketing software! I find that I have more time to spend writing now that Publisher Rocket keeps my marketing timeline flowing.

    Publisher Rocket Review: (Earlier KDP Rocket) Is It Worth Investing?

    The first time I loaded it up, I thought, “Wow. This is definitely the perfect thing for me.” As a self-published author who hasn’t known how to market me efficiently, Publisher Rocket seemed like the next logical step. It’s cheap enough that if it doesn’t work out you’re not really losing anything at all.

    I can say with confidence that Publisher Rocket ROCK – pun intended! 

    Publisher rocket review customer testimonials

    Publisher Rocket (Earlier KDP rocket) is amazingly fun to use. It has made keyword research, competition analysis, and profitable category choices quicker than ever with such an easy format. No more spending hours searching for what keywords will help your books rank on Amazon! Trust me when I say this tool is worth every penny- you won’t regret buying Publisher Rocket today.

    The interface has been updated and improved for a better experience, including:  

    • Redesigned dashboard panel with live keyword suggestions, blog post titles, book preview
    • More social sharing options and book category analytics. 
    • Live to track clicks on your PDF files sent through approved email addresses so you know which articles/books are bringing in traffic for conversion.

    The Man Behind Publisher Rocket- Dave Chesson

    Publisher rocket founder dave chesson

    Dave Chesson is a serial entrepreneur, best known for founding and creating several businesses that help authors make their lives easier.

    Dave has started multiple companies including one called “Publisher Rocket” which markets software designed to be exceptionally user-friendly and a great option if you’re an aspiring author! Publisher rocket now has 56k Customers with $8 million in revenue as well as being recognized by Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Market Watchdog, and many more.

    Market Watch named Publisher Rocket as one of the top book marketing tools in the globe in 2021.

    The game had changed, and Publisher Rocket is setting the stage for a brighter future.

    With their easy-to-use AMS ads platform, authors can now focus on what they do best: writing! No more guessing at keywords or fighting numbers from Amazon’s dicey algorithms – just sit back as your books take center stage in front of eager audiences who are hungry to read something new.

    My Publisher Rocket Detailed Review:

    Is Publisher Rocket used by any “Top Authors”?

    It’s no secret that the publishing world has been changing rapidly and there are more than just little guys looking for a piece of this action.

    It’s not just us small business owners that want to invest in Publisher Rocket. You might be surprised at how many big names are on Board with Publisher Rocket.

    • Pat Flynn is the creator of the well-known blog and podcast
    • Joanna Penn is a New York Times and USA Today, best-selling author and author, and founder of
    • Jeff Goins, USA Today’s Bestselling Author, can be found at
    •’s Derek Murphy is an indie-pub rockstar.
    • Kevin J. Anderson is a bestselling novelist who has won numerous awards.

    Publisher Rocket 2.0 Review: What’s New?

    The recent release of Publisher Rocket has been a major turning point for authors looking to sell their books. They made some changes that should really help them even more:

    The first thing you’ll notice about this update from last year’s version is its sleek design upgrade: 

    There are no longer boxes or conversations between pages as in previous versions; everything just flows beautifully together thanks to some major redesigning on Publisher Rocket’s end.

    improved speed and performance on publisher rocket

    The robust programming skills are added into every little detail so that they can offer more power than ever before to help authors sell books using the powerful tools without having any extra costs beyond what they pay annually anyway (which isn’t much).

    The new design and layout of Publisher Rocket are sure to be a game-changer for authors. 

    Publisher Rocket Can Now Include Physical Books Data: 

    Publisher Rocket, the original eBook optimization tool from KDP Rocket has been updated to also include information on physical book sales.

    The update was necessary because of its growing importance in digital publishing. For example, I’ve searched for Book Data for Weight Loss and Publisher Rocker has done an amazing job to fetch all data for me like Author, Age of book, Price, and Monthly sales volume.

    publisher rocket book data review

    It now integrates with Amazon’s entire ecosystem including but not limited to Kindles or Kindle apps for phones/tablets as well as Goodreaders where customers can share reviews and recommendations about their favorite books!

    With the recent update from Amazon, authors can now target specific books with their ASIN numbers:

    The ability for authors to target specific books with ASIN numbers has been a long-awaited addition. On January 7th, Amazon made two changes that have improved their Book Advertising System and now Rocket automatically shows any book’s ISBN when performing an author search or category query so you know if there are similar titles available in this genre!

    From the above screenshot, let’s say I have to target the 1st book which is: “Mini Habits for Weight Loss”

    I just need to put the title in AMS Keyword Search Tab.

    publisher rocket ams keyword search review

    and hit “Go Get Em Rocket!” and Publisher Rocket will show all the Books with the matched title and ASIN/ISBN Numbers.

    Publisher rocket ASIN features

    The new update makes improvements on Publisher Rocket AMS feature necessary because before the update it would show only broad categories but not individual items anymore which were very limiting.

    Now you can find every book and ebook category with Rocket:

    In our previous feature, authors had to sit around thinking up phrases in order for us to show what categories they were from – this was a bit slow!

    But now there’s a better way: The app has 16K+ of these all included inside it so users don’t have to go through any more hassle than necessary when looking at their library on Kindle devices.

    Let’s continue the same example for “Mini Habits for Weight Loss”, you can easily find the category in just 1 click.

    Publisher rocket book category

    Now all you have to do is click on some filters so that Rocket can tell if you are trying to go see ebook or book categories, as well as fiction and nonfiction. Next, it will show every pertinent category how many books would need to sell per day in order to be in the top 10 or top 3!

    This should help authors find the best categorization for their novels quickly- without much hassle at all.

    Publisher Rocket Coupon is currently unavailable on the internet. Websites claiming to offer Publisher Rocket coupons or KDP rocket discounts are bogus. We reached out to the Publisher Rocket staff, who confirmed that there are currently no active KDP Rocket Coupon or Publisher Rocket discount. If in any case new Publisher Rocket Coupons, Discounts, and Promo Codes become available, we will update you first.

    How To Install Publisher Rocket Easily In Your Windows or Mac?

    When you purchase the publisher rocket lifetime plan, you’ll receive an email with the download link and License Key, all you need to install the file.

    Download Publisher Rocket

    After installing the file, you’ll be asked to enter the License key, put the 16 digits license key you received through mail, and click on Activate.

    You’re ready to rock 🙂

    Publisher rocket license key

    My Personal Experience With Publisher Rocket

    If you’ve been publishing books for a while, then I know how hard it is to come up with titles and subtitles that are catchy.

    Publisher rocket discount purchase

    To begin, let me provide some context…

    I always wanted to have a published book. At the time I didn’t even know how but knew that traditional publishing wasn’t for me and had my heart set on making ebooks work through Amazon Kindle Publishing programs. After some research publisher rocket seemed like an investment worth taking so here we are!

    I had my doubts about the publisher rocket when I first heard of it. A lot of people were making claims and it took me a few days to gather enough data before coming up with my decision, but eventually after weighing all pros and cons for both sides in depth—I found that the service did live up to its name as promised!

    The choice for me was a no-brainer. I went with the best option, which is Publisher Rocket, and nothing else through my process of evaluating this investment decision!

    This is how it transpired…

    • Within roughly 30 minutes, I came up with two fresh good book ideas.
    • Additionally, Publisher rocket validated several previous book ideas that I believed may be good, giving me the confidence to proceed with publishing them.

    So I was at the end of my rope. It’s not that I didn’t have other moneymaking opportunities, but nothing compared to what Publisher Rocket had already done for me, and all in less than 90 days! I made $546.98 with an ROI of 205%.

    Publisher rocket earnings

    Not only did I start getting results but also reached out by email to see if they minded me being an affiliate partner. They approved my application 🙂

    Why do I recommend Publisher Rocket?

    I’m so happy with the results from publisher rocket that I’ve shared with you above!
    The customer support at publisher rocket is top-notch and their training courses are perfect for new users. They have a well-designed website that will help you with anything your mind might be struggling to figure out, including features of the platform or getting-started guides if needed!
    Publishing your book is a long and tedious process. But with the help of Publisher Rocket, you can publish more quality books to profit faster than ever before!
    The publisher rocket one-time purchase is the best deal around!
    You have nothing to lose with the 30-day refund policy. If you don’t like the product, you can cancel the subscription and get your money back!

    How Publisher Rocket Can Help You Sell More Books

    Rocket is an innovative marketing tool that helps authors achieve their publishing goals. It offers a variety of features to help with the promotion and publicizing of your book. The four most important things you’ll want Rocket’s services for are:

    The #1 Key to More Amazon Book Sales- Get Discovered By More Amazon Shoppers

    In order to get your book discovered by shoppers looking for a certain category, you need the right keywords. However those aren’t just any words – they have been carefully chosen from all the research on what people search and buy online through Amazon! 

    Publisher Rocket put together some great lists so that every author knows exactly how he or she should be selecting their most important marketing tool: Product Descriptions & Keywords.

    You can easily find keywords that are very easy to rank with good Average Monthly Earning potentials. As with our example: “Weight Loss” is a very broad keyword and very difficult to rank instead we can target easy keywords like “Weight loss and exercise” or “Weight loss and fitness journal” which is much easier to rank with a Competitive score of just 20.

    Low competition keyword research with publisher rocket

    In order to make your book stand out from the competition, you need keywords that people actually type into Amazon when shopping for a title.

    This means including words and phrases related directly or indirectly to what they’re looking for in their search engine results page (SERP). For example, if I’m trying to find an Affiliate Marketing novel then one of my searches might include “affiliate marketing” as well as other related terms like ‘Novel’. 

    An author also needs competitive but non-overlapping so he can have some chance at being found by shoppers – which is why choosing too many similar ones will only hurt his chances instead! 

    So, how do authors find keywords that people type in and make sales?

    That’s where the power of Publisher Rocket (Earlier KDP Rocket) shines.

    Rocket is the answer to all of your book marketing needs. It will not only show you how many people are searching for a particular term but also what they’re typing in and their level of competition- with an easy score from 0-100! No more guessing or hoping – just input “book” as your phrase below*

    This tool makes it super simple so that there’s no hassle looking up information elsewhere when using this service.*

    Finding Best Categories For Books Has Never Been That Easier

    You have a book that you’re proud of, and it’s time to make the world read it. But how? A great way to make your book stand out from the rest is by choosing a category that will help it become an Amazon bestseller. 

    There are many common mistakes that people make when trying to publish on Amazon. If they pick an inappropriate one, it can be difficult if not impossible ever make it as a bestseller again, but with the right choice, you could both become well-known and maintain rank as one of their most successful authors!

    So, how does one find those awesome Categories?

    find best categories for your book with publisher rocket review

    You can follow the steps here and learn about categories that will make your book stand out from other books on Amazon. For example: if you want to write a romance novel with suspenseful elements in it; then choose Romance/Suspense as one of 10 category choices!

    The possibilities are limitless when utilizing this strategy for marketing yourself or even just trying something new without being too general so readers get bored quickly. 

    But there is always more work involved than taking shortcuts through simple algorithms because authors have limited space per page within each listing so be mindful not only of what words go where but also of which ones show up first.

    get book data with new publisher rocket feature

    How’s this for an idea? With Rocket, you can see every Amazon Book and eBook category in a list—even use filters to quickly find the best book that fits your needs.

    It also tells us how many copies are needed per title on average just so we know if our own project would even have any hope of being successful at all!

    Spy On Authors & Their Earnings

    You can now find out who your book would be competing with on Amazon. For example, if you’re looking for an e-book about football and the hot new game is rated 4 stars by users but has only 1000 ratings then it might not do as well in comparison! 

    spy on competitor earnings with publisher rocket

    You’ll also receive key insights into other books. With the Competition Analyzer, you can find out what books are doing well in competition with your own.

    It also provides key insight into other high-selling titles so that it will be easier for readers to choose which book they want!

    Knowing which niches are hot in the market can help you make better decisions about what books to focus on, and seeing how successful certain authors have been with their work is an excellent way for aspiring writers like yourself could learn from them.

    Make High-Converting Amazon Ads

    Amazon Ads are a great way to get your book in front of the people who want it. If you don’t know-how, no worries!

    I’ve got everything covered for ya here with Publisher Rocket free video course on amazon ads that’ll save authors time from tedious keyword searching and copy-and-pasting into campaigns they have trouble keeping up with all due diligence themselves.

    create effective amazon ads with publisher rocket review

    Rocket is a new and easy way to find keywords for your book. Just input an initial phrase that describes it, like “The Invisible Man,” then watch as Rocket scours hundreds of internet resources in minutes! It even lists their ASIN numbers (a feature well-liked by Amazon).

    Amazing Isn’t it?

    Why Publisher Rocket Is The Best Choice?

    1. Get Lifetime Updates Absolutely Free!!

    Do you know how frustrating it is to buy software that wants more money after just 2 weeks? Well, I hear this all the time too. And what’s worse than their greedy behavior? It sucks when you have paid for something only once and then they want even MORE out of your wallet or pocket!

    I so didn’t need my cash flow drained any further by these shady companies who think nothing about taking advantage of paying customers… But now there’s Publisher Rocket where users pay ONE TIME FEE- no sneaky upgrades will touch my hard-earned dollars ever again and all the updates will come absolutely free.

    Publishing is a tough business. You need to know what’s happening in your field, so Dave Chesson and his team are on the front lines every day monitoring changes for updates with Publisher Rocket software-they’re not letting anything slip by without their attention!

    2. Publisher Rocket’s Stats Are Always Up-To-Date

    I want to make sure that I’m not stepping out of my comfort zone. When it comes time for me as an author, publisher, or agent-represented writer in any capacity with work coming up on a deadline and ready at last – Publisher Rocket has got your back!

    They monitor market shifts constantly so you can focus solely on what makes us different: writing books (and loving every minute). Publisher rocket supports all three major markets like the USA, UK, and DE.

    Publisher rocket support three countries

    Publisher Rocket keeps authors informed about changes within the industry without having them spend hours stuck away from home testing unknown waters.

    3. Top-Notch Customer Support

    Rocket is here to help with all your tech and publishing needs. Send them a message at publisher rocket support, they’ll be back within 24 hours 🙂

    Rocket’s team of experts is always on standby waiting for requests from authors eager to get their stories out into the world!

    publisher rocket support team

    Nothing worse than sending in a ticket and waiting days for a reply. Well not at all here! As it turns out, you can check out the Publisher Rocket user testimonials that were never requested but discovered organically by Dave and his team- we didn’t even know they existed until now either which means this site has been running smoothly without any problems.

    4. It Only Costs A One-Time Fee of $97 / Lifetime

    Do you like the idea of a one-time fee and never having to pay again?

    Publisher rocket discount pricing

    Yes, it is $97.00 for an awesome publishing service!

    Note: They never give any kind of promotional deals like publisher rocket discount or coupon codes.

    5. Very Easy To Use- No Technical Knowledge Required

    Working with hundreds of authors a week is my job. One of the biggest hurdles I face in this space, dealing with tech issues around keywords and categories, or understanding algorithm data can be difficult at times.

    With publishing software like Publisher Rocket all you need are some basic skills that creationists will teach through tutorials and examples on how things work – even if they don’t know what these terms mean!

    The creators behind “Publisher Rocket” have created an easy-to-follow system that helps newbies get started publishing their books with ease. 

    The Rocket is a magical tool that does the work for you based on your specific needs. It searches and finds what it’s looking for, then spits out data in an easy-to-read format so all of this information can make its way into one amazing book!

    Publisher Rocket Tutorial: How To Use It?

    Publisher rocket is a platform that removes all of the hurdles to publishing. From getting started with your desired search features, or clicking one of the featured buttons on the homepage you can have everything in order and published quickly every time!

    Publisher Rocket Tutorial

    The publisher rocket, which is currently only available in the US market ( Amazon ) will be expanding its reach to international markets. Once you select your desired country from the top right corner of the program, all subsequent searches are done using that region until changed back again.

    You can see what version number you have on the bottom left of the homepage and on the bottom left of the software. By clicking this version number, you’ll be sent to the Publisher Rocket update website, where you can find out what the most recent version is and what features have been added to Rocket in each update.

    4 Amazing Features Of Publisher Rocket And How To Use Them?

    This tool will help you identify the perfect keyword for your book by providing a list of known words shoppers use, how competitive it is, and what books rank highest. You can also see an estimate on Amazon searches per month with this one!

    Keword search made easy with publisher rocket

    2. Competition Analyzer

    This feature not only lists the books that rank on Amazon for a particular keyword but also provides you with important information about how successful those specific titles are and what they’re doing right. You can use this knowledge to beat your competition!

    This list is a great tool for those who are looking to take their business on Amazon by storm. It can help them identify the hot new categories and bestseller lists, as well as give insight into how many books you’ll need to sell in each one before becoming number 1!

    Amazon book advertising is a great way to create an in-depth list of keywords for your Amazon Advertising Campaigns.

    This software helps you find profitable and targeted phrases using their own suggested words, popular titles by authors or books that rank highly on page one when people search those terms (top-ranking pages), as well any relevant categories such as “Fiction” so we can get the most out our ad spend with the minimal competition!

    After you’ve selected a search feature, you’ll see a popup box where you can enter a keyword (except for the Category function), select a format (ebook or book), and then click “Go get ’em Rocket” to start the search.

    Publisher Rocket Tutorial homepage

    How To Use Keyword Search Feature In Publisher Rocket?

    While you click one of the keyword search options, a box will appear where you may enter in an initial keyword phrase, book idea, or general description that you believe customers would use when looking for your sort of book. The more specific a phrase you enter, the more suggestions Rocket can make based on Amazon’s data.

    After that, choose whether Rocket should search for e-Book or Book data, and then click “Go Get Em Rocket!” to start the search.

    Publisher Rocket will now begin searching for book idea recommendations and keywords based on the information you entered and selected, and will display them all below.

    Publisher Rocket Review keyword search tutorial

    Now that you have a list of phrases, browse over it and see if there are any that relate to your book concept or the book for which you are looking for keywords.

    Then, to populate the data for the keyword terms you’re interested in, click “Analyze.”

    You can open a new tab using the orange icon on the right if you want to search for another keyword without losing your data. After that, you’ll be able to go back and forth between the two sets of data.

    After you’ve done your research on the keywords you’re interested in, click the “competition” option to see which ten books rank highest for that keyword. This will take you to the competition search tool, but you may return to the keyword search using the Rocket navigation bar.

    Each tab displays the search keyword and format you selected. (B – book, EB – electronic book)

    By pressing the “Export” button on the top right of Rocket, you can export the data at any time.

    Publisher rocket ebook search feature

    How To Use Publisher Rocket Competition Search Feature?

    The Competition Analyzer may be used from both the homepage and the Keyword Search function.

    Publisher Rocket will list the first 10 books that appear in Amazon’s results for that search once you’ve arrived at the Competition Analyzer page. The list of competitors displayed is identical to what you would see if you went to Amazon (incognito mode), selected Book or Kindle from the dropdown menu, and conducted your search.

    You can open a new tab using the orange icon on the right if you want to search for another keyword without losing your data. After that, you’ll be able to go back and forth between the two sets of data.

    Publisher rocket review competition research feature

    One thing to keep in mind is that just because you chose “Book” in Amazon’s search bar doesn’t mean Amazon will just show you print books. Instead, you might get paperbacks, hardcovers, Kindle books, or even audiobooks. If you choose Kindle, though, you’ll only see Kindle editions of the books in the list.

    Simply click the orange button in the Type column to see the various types of results, and Rocket will display you the data for that type of book right away. Simply click it again if you wish to return. When you click on the button, the TYPE of the book changes from one to the other, and the button changes as well.

    If you’re interested in learning more about a book, click the “Check it out” button to go to the book’s sales page.

    By pressing the “Export” button on the top right of Rocket, you can export the data at any time.

    How To Use Publisher Rocket Category Search feature?

    You can now check all 12,000+ categories and even know how many sales you’d need to generate to become the next #1 Bestseller in that category thanks to Publisher Rocket Category Feature.

    Publisher rocket review search for category

    Within the Category Search tool, there are two ways to look for categories. To begin, click “Check it out” to see all of the sub-categories inside a certain major category, or enter in a specific term or phrase to see every category that includes that keyword. With a click of a button, you can also select whether you want to get results for books, ebooks, or both.

    Publisher rocket choose the type of category for your book

    The ABSR (Amazon Best Seller Rank) for both the #1 and #10 book in each category may now be seen. Publisher Rocket will also tell you how many books you need to sell per day to rank #1 or #10.

    Once you’ve discovered a category you’re interested in, click the “Check it out” button to see which books are currently ranking in that category.

    Publisher rocket review search for sub categories

    You can refine your search by putting a certain phrase in the “search categories” bar after clicking “Check it out” to see all the sub-categories inside a specific major category. This will limit Rocket’s display to category strings containing that precise word.

    You may also use the arrow buttons to the right of each piece of data to sort the categories.

    How To Use Publisher Rocket AMS Keyword Search Feature?

    To get started, simply put in a word that best characterizes your book, choose whether you want Rocket to focus on e-Book or Book data, and then click “Go Get Em Rocket!” to start the search.

    Publisher rocket review how to use AMS feature

    The following is a list of titles published by Rocket:

    • Amazon suggested keywords
    • Amazon A-Z suggested keywords
    • A list of books that are comparable to this one on Amazon (This is significant because the relevance of these books can significantly reduce your CPC.)
    • Books in relevant categories are displayed on Amazon.

    These results are accompanied by the following information:

    • Title
    • Author
    • ASIN
    • Type of search result

    The ASIN number of any book mentioned from Amazon’s list of similar books or books revealed for relevant categories is crucial since, as of January 7th, 2019, Amazon introduced a new function that allows authors to target specific books by utilizing the ASIN number.

    If you don’t see an ASIN number listed, it’s because the result included a physical book, and the ISBN number was displayed – which can’t be utilized in the AMS ads campaign, therefore we removed it automatically to save you time.

    No problem if you don’t want certain books or types of books in your export. There are two methods for deleting data.

    Publisher Rocket Tutorial AMS features list

    The first step is to select the Filter button, which will bring up a window where you can select which types of results you don’t want to see. Any unchecked boxes will be removed from your final findings. Click “Filter em Rocket” once you’ve deselected the ones you don’t want to see.

    Deselect the boxes to the left of the rows in the second method.

    By pressing the “Export” button on the top right of Rocket, you can export the data at any time.

    Publisher Rocket User Reviews:

    publisher rocket discount user reviews

    “Publisher Rocket changed my game when publishing books. I got amazing keywords, from which I could generate the title that helped me reach the people who need my books the most – and I found the best categories on Amazon to publish in. If you have not yet acquired Publisher Rocket, you should – it will make publishing to much more easy and marketing more focused!”

    – Mariah Wolfe

    “As an author of narrative nonfiction, Publisher Rocket has helped optimize my Amazon book description keywords as well as my AMS ads – and also strategize. Dave’s blog and availability to answer questions are another big bonus. Worth the $.”

    – Jim Rossi

    “I had Publisher Rocket for several months before I started using it. My categories rankings on my newly published novella were awful and my ABSR was almost 700,000. I reached out to PR’s Customer Service (CS) who responded within a few hours with targeted advice. I followed the tutorials carefully. As I got better, my ABSR fell and ratings improved. On Feb 16 it was down to 62K and my book rose to #1, #2, and #2 in its 3 categories! Still learning Rocket, but I love the product and the company’s CS!”

    – Ruth T.

    “I am so glad to have found publisher rocket discount code 2020 — it is so valuable to have a tool that does all the searching saving me hours of research on Amazon. I’m a much more savvy self-published author because of it. Thanks for creating it! And your customer support is pretty amazing as well. Thanks for being so responsive.”

    – Mytrae Meliana

    Publisher Rocket Discount / Review FAQs:

    Is Publisher Rocket offering any coupons today?

    Publisher Rocket is currently not offering any kind of coupons or discounts on its website. If they will bring any in near future. We’ll be the first to update you here.

    How do I find Publisher Rocket coupons?

    On Internet, you can find many sites claiming a 20% discount on Publisher rocket but the fact is all those claims are fake and just manipulated to earn commissions.

    Does publisher rocket really work?

    Yes, I recommend that you use the power of Amazon for your book marketing. With just a few searches on their site, you’ll be able to transform how people find out more information about what they’re interested in reading or watching with this one simple tool!

    As an added bonus it’s also fun and fascinating – who doesn’t love looking up books from authors we love seeing how well our favorite works are performing?

    What does Publisher rocket do?

    A great tool for any bookish person, Publisher Rocket is the go-to website to automate and expand your keyword research process. Not only does it speed up search times with ease of use that’s reminiscent of Google Docs or Microsoft Word – but also analyzes competition in ways you never thought possible!

    From finding books based on keywords entered into their system by users like yourself alongside other features such as analyzing genres, and rankings among authors/books within certain categories– there really isn’t much more one needs when looking at this site from the top down.

    Is there a free version of Publisher rocket?

    As you research your book selections, it’s important to be aware that there are many tools out in the world for accessing data. One of these is called “Publisher Rocket,” and while their service isn’t free (they want users eventually), they do offer some great features!

    Should You Buy Publisher Rocket?

    Have you ever felt like your book doesn’t seem to be selling as well as it should? Have hours gone by and still don’t know what is wrong with the idea for that next great novel? 

    If so then yes – publisher rocket will save time (and money). It’ll show you all about marketplace statistics which can help give clarity when making decisions before investing any more than necessary into this venture of ours called “writing”.

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    19. Publisher Rocket is awesome. There are tons of features, great services in many categories, and you can tell they designed the UI to be straightforward for both publishers with no experience and pros that need customization. I was struggling to set up my book on Amazon search terms, but after reading their help center guide, it all made so much more sense–thanks! 5 stars

      1. Kane Tayor says:

        Thanks, Cary for these lovely comments. I am glad Publisher Rocket helped you 🙂

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