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In this post, we’re going to do a Shoptimized Theme Review. Shoptimized Theme is one of the most popular custom Shopify themes. This theme is basically created and optimized for mobile devices which generate high conversion rates.

Since we all love to scroll our phones and order whatever we want, online shopping has become a cult. Shoptimize helps retailers unleash the potential of their online business. It helps in combining world-class technology and the expertise of consumers and businesses to provide a platform for seamless growth.

Shoptimize is a cloud-based e-commerce solution that offers software as a service that allows merchants to customize, manage, and increase online sales. 

This shopping-optimized theme was created by conversion rate expert Bradley Long, one of the hottest names in the e-commerce and digital marketing industry. It is a mobile-oriented company focused on designing and developing the e-commerce technologies of the future.

Shoptimized Theme Review: Features

This theme has a unique endorsement, homepage, search, and product information, and is optimized for high-performance and powerful mobile devices. You would get varied options to build your website.

Shoptimized Theme Review

This includes drag-and-drop sections that you can use to create cool, aesthetically pleasing website designs for your audience. The better the website design, the more credible your audience will be.

Here are some of the features that make Shoptimized an amazing theme:-

1. Scarcity timer

This theme has a built-in timer with several customization options, so you don’t need to buy another Shopify app to set up a timer on your product page.

This tactic allows consumers to make purchasing decisions when buying goods so as not to lose big trades. To set this timer, you can easily add a label to the desired product and change the number of days or hours from which the timer starts counting. 

2. Currency switcher

When you sell your product all over the world, all buyers from different countries will of course check the prices of goods in their own currency.

Shoptimized Currency switcher

The Shoptimized theme has a GEO-IP recognition feature that helps you show currency to your visitors according to their location.

For example, If someone visits your site in the US, they will see the US dollar currency, and if anyone visits your site in New Zealand, they will see the prices in New Zealand dollars.  

This makes it easier for the user to decide whether to pay for the purchase or not. So this is the best Shopify theme for international currency conversion. With IP detection and currency exchange, you can better connect with international customers.

3. Social proof pop up

Social evidence is proof that the buyer simultaneously gains confidence in buying an interesting product.

Shoptimized themes let you display social evidence in a variety of ways, such as displaying satisfied customer reviews, displaying reviews on the home page, or at the bottom of your online store.

By using a pop-up window on social media, you can view random recent sales data from site visitors to gain your trust and purchase an item of your choice. Build social proof on your Shopify store using the built-in Shoptimized feature of this theme.

4. Mega Menu

Adding a mega menu is a great way to display recommended products in the top navigation bar.  This way, when the user moves to the menu item, he will see a drop-down menu with the best-selling products and subcategories.

Shoptimized Mega Menu

Also, while looking for your products, your customers need not leave the page to see the main results. The ‘auto-complete search’ displayed the results below the search bar. This means that your customers can choose the right product in no time.

5. Skip the cart

Shoptimized offers various optimized designs and one of them is a “Skip Cart” feature that you can turn on or off depending on the best features.

Many Shopify store owners love this feature because it shortens the conversion path for each customer and leads to more sales or conversions.

You can choose from the given options and activate the one that will help you increase sales of your entire business or niche Shopify. 

When a user will click “Add to Cart”, he will directly go to the checkout page for one-click store optimization to bypass the cart.

As you know, fewer steps mean more conversions. It simply means skipping the shopping cart and going directly to billing. In 80% of cases, it works in increasing the conversion rate in your store. 

6. Trust badge on products

The quality of the pages created by the optimized theme is amazing.  From product filters to badges, this page is easily accessible.

Shoptimized Trust badge on products

The product icon is designed to refer to products sold, and product filters are designed to help visitors find what they are looking for. With Shoptimized, you can easily insert trust cards/badges built into the shopping cart under the main button to call to action.

In addition to the main products, you can also show related products that are automatically activated when you scroll through the page.  It is a way to bring other great products to your stores and encourage shoppers to buy more.

Plus, you can see your achievements like awards, certifications, Facebook followers, likes, and more.

Shoptimized Theme Pricing Plan:

Shoptimized Theme offers its customers three different pricing plans:-

Shoptimized Theme Pricing Plan
  • Annual license costs $199 
  • A lifetime license costs $299
  • lifetime license + Setup & Audit costs $1199

The price is quite affordable if you want to buy for more than 3 sites. This could save thousands of dollars as there is almost every single feature you want for your website.

Note: All three are one-time payment plans (non-refundable) with free support and updated service for one year. 

Verdict: Is It Worth It?

Shoptimized is no doubt one of the best themes in the market right now. If a user’s shopping experience is something you are seeking, the design and features of Shoptimized are wonderful and easy for newbies to use.

There are no other premium Shopify themes that offer as much customization as the Shoptimized theme.

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