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Every writer and student must have heard of “Grammarly”. It is one of the most popular services that will improve your writing, grammar and punctuation etc. after using Grammarly for over a year, I can safely say that this is one of the best and convenient writing tools in the world.

When writing something online, it is important to use the right words. Why? Because if you do not use the right sentence with the right spelling and grammar, your message is not clear and it may even display a bad content quality.

Therefore, most people go on to grammar checkers like Grammarly and Ginger to make sure they are writing correctly. But not all grammar tools are the same. In fact, some of them have serious errors that can cause more errors in your writing. Grab Exclusive “Grammarly Student Discount” here.

So how do you know which alternative is best for you? Here, I have curated a list of the 10 best grammarly alternatives that you may have never heard of. 


+ You can quickly check the grammar of all the sentences.
With this, you may write rich content that is free of errors.
+ It aids in the creation of assignments.
+ Helps in learning new vocabulary and correcting grammar errors.
+ For a better experience, there is a chrome extension.

Hemingway App

+ Very Easy to Use.
+ Informative Features On Sidebar.
+ Check readability score.
+ The Hemingway App’s online version is completely free.
+ Compose & format your work straight in the Hemingway App.

Slick Write

+ Good Grammar Checker
+ Easy Reporting & Statistics
+ Comes With Dictionary / Thesaurus
+ It is Absolutely Free.
+ Customizable feedback to suit your style


+ Great for checking grammatical & spelling mistakes.
+ Measure your readability scores.
Monitor the sentiment and tone of the content.
+ Monitor keyword density of the content.

After the Deadline

+ Contextual Spell Checking.
+ Advanced Style Checking.
+ Intelligent Grammar Checking.
100% Free


+ Robust grammar checker.
+ Great proofreading system to improve your writing.
+ Awesome Plagiarism Checker.


Very reliable proofreading tool.
+ Great essay editor for writers.
+ 100% Free Of Cost


+ Get accurate proofreading.
+ 100% Free Of Cost.
+ Comes with spelling check, grammar check & style review.
Compatible with both Windows & Mac.


Use the interactive spell checker to write in perfect English.
+ Improve your style by releasing your imagination.
+ Look over lengthy texts.
The Reactor will help you to be more creative.
+ More synonyms to help you fine-tune your writing


+ World-class grammar and style checker
+ Great for improving vocabulary
+ Available for Windows, Mac, Word, Google Doc, Chrome & More
+ 20% Discount For Students
+ Reasonable Pricing Plans

There are many excellent grammar checkers on the list. Here’s a quick rundown of the different Grammarly alternatives with their features the biggest drawbacks, if any. Let’s read and find out the 10 best Grammarly options.

1. Ginger

Ginger works both online and offline. It has a desktop version for Windows and an app for iOS and Android. With Ginger, you can choose between two language styles: American English or British English. If you have used Google Translate, you can find Ginger easy to translate text into many languages including French, Hindi, Arabic and Russian. The translation quality is certainly good. 

Any drawbacks? 

Yes, no tool can be perfect, hence one of the drawbacks I found in Ginger extensions is that they work with WordPress, CMS but not with Google Docs.

2. Hemingway App

The Hemingway app checks your text and gives it an error-free outcome. You can find a few things in the highlight like complex sentences and basic errors. Based on these recommendations, you can improve your writing. 

It’s a great tool to make your writing easier for ordinary readers to read and understand. Especially for those people who speak English as a second language.

You can also use the Hemingway app to estimate reading time and as per people’s experience, this feature is fairly accurate.

3. Slick Write

Slick Write is a simple and subtle grammar checker. There are extensions and you can use the web version without logging in. Just type in it or upload the document and it will be checked for grammatical errors.

4. Readable

Readable is a tool that analyzes your writing and shows potential for improvement. It identifies language, passive tone and additional errors that can cause problems in improving your writing. Plagiarism can also be recognized through Readable. It is free to use app, so if you’re looking for a handy grammar/spelling tool, Readable is the one for you.

5. After the Deadline

This is the best proofreading solution that uses artificial intelligence and natural processing technology to find typographical errors. Writers can use it to add spelling, styling and grammar checking skills to online programs.

In After the deadline, you can identify errors and suggest the best solution using Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP is one of the latest technologies using grammar checking tools and this tool is easy to use for beginners.

The tool is available in five main languages: English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. You can simply copy and paste the content into the box provided, click the “Check Spelling” button and start checking for grammatical and spelling errors. The problem you encountered with the tool after it expires is that there is no file transfer option in the interface.

6. PaperRater

PaperRater is very simple software. It does not come with any downloadable software or extensions. You need to copy and paste your text or upload a file, and it will analyze it for you. It’s artificial intelligence to improve your writing. PaperRater provides a useful grammar and spelling tool to make sure your punctuation and spelling are correct.

The best online editor, PaperRater uses a smart neural network to spot errors from high school and university projects to editorial copies. PaperRater automatically recognizes similar phrases in a written document. It can also help remove plagiarism from longer content

7. Typely

It’s generally advertised as a “free online essay and review editor”. As with other grammarly alternatives, you can use this tool simply by going to the website. You do not need to install any programs or pay commissions.

A special feature of Typely is the Articles section, where articles on various writing challenges are posted so that users can log in and learn. If you are someone who always longs for perfection, my choice would be language or a typographic tool for you like Typely. And if you’re a person who always speaks while writing, choose a virtual writing teacher and write it down.

8. 1Checker

1Checker is another site like Grammarly that helps you check your content for grammar, spelling, and other errors. With 1Checker, you can check your content for free and manage to write with excellence. Whatever the content, 1Checker improves the quality and accuracy of your writing. 

9. Reverso

Reverso is primarily a translation tool. There you can insert your text and translate it into 15 different languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, etc. But spelling and grammar can also be checked. 

Reverso is available online as a browser extension or desktop application to download. The online version of Reverse is easy to use. Copy and paste your text and the program will look for errors. The free version is limited to 600 characters per check.

The Reverso provides additional information when errors are detected. You can see definitions and synonyms on the main panel. You can see the correct conjugation and even explain the grammar rules.

10. ProWritingAid

The last alternative on the list is ProWritingAid. The app lets you check for grammar, plagiarism, and other readability issues that appear in your text. It’s great for advanced users, but as per my experience, even beginners can find it easy to use this tool. 

These are the top 10 best picks. If you ask our best one, it’s Ginger. If the next tool you want to use other than Grammarly, go for Ginger.

As you know, not all programs are intended for all users and some of you may not like the programs we mentioned in this article, and want to explore your own options. So, of course, there are other most amazing Grammarly alternatives you can find on the market right now. 

If so and you find something good in your search, please let us know about that alternative so we can include it in our articles next time and help more people.

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