Cloudways Coupon Promo Code 2022: Get 3 Months Free + $30 Hosting Credit

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Dreaming of reaching the sky? You need a bullet-speed website to run smoothly. This is where cloud hosting comes in with its amazing performance and zero downtime with cloudways coupon.

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There are many ways to get Cloudways discount code when you sign up for Cloudways hosting. You can claim Cloudways coupon code in this article and make the best out of it.

Cloudways Coupon Code:

cloudways coupon

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How to Use a Cloudways Coupon Code (verified coupons only):

To apply the Cloudways coupon code and receive a 25% discount on your first three bills, follow the steps below:

Go to the Cloudways official website’s homepage by clicking on this special link.
To get started for Cloudways free, click the “Get Started Free” button. After that, you’ll be prompted to create a Cloudways account, which you can do by logging in with your valid email account and activation code.
Then, click the “Got a Coupon Code” link and use the Cloudways promo code ( NAME OF COUPON ) to receive a 25% discount for the first three months.
After using cloudways coupon, verify your account and start using your Cloudways web hosting.
Finally, use your credit card to pay.

You can use other cloudways coupons as well whichever offers to host at a minimum price.

What is Cloudways:

Cloudways is a systems integrator that supports users in deploying their solutions on various cloud platforms. Cloudways’ business model is somewhat unique in that it operates as a SaaS platform rather than a full-fledged web hosting company.

The company offers a dedicated environment to its customers by giving a fair choice of cloud platforms, from low-cost Digital Ocean to expensive Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Because of their unique position, we need to take a closer look at how willing they are to help manage the services you pay for. You can enjoy the cloudways coupon code to get it at an affordable price.

cloudways coupon

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Pros & Cons Of Cloudways:

Cloudways Pros:

  • A terrific experience is provided by a fully managed service
  • Managed security with dedicated firewalls and free SSL gives you complete control so you can run your business like a pro
  • Self-migration is simple; you can also contact technical assistance to transfer your site from your old host to Cloudways hosting
  • Advanced caching and PHP 7 servers provide excellent speed performance
  • Strong addons
  • It’s a low-cost CDN that’s easy to incorporate

Cloudways Cons:

  • No email services are available
  • No domain registration

Cloudways Features:

1-Click Install

cloudways 1 click install

With Cloudways you can install PHP and CMS applications like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, and many more with a single click. You do not even need cPanel or Softaculous to install these apps. All you have to do is click on the Application tab to install it.

Easy to use

Cloudways is a welcoming host that makes it easy for less experienced users. The intuitive and straightforward interface provides the control necessary to take care of everything without limit, which Cloudways dedicated servers offer beautifully.

Secure SSL certificate

cloudways ssl certificate

If you host multiple applications on the same server and want to add a certain level of security to your applications, you can purchase a Cloudways SSL certificate (i.e., free SSL installation) from the cloudways website. The SSL certificate is secured by HTTPS and is just as important for the location of your website.

Support team

Cloudways’ customer support team is available 24/7 and 365 days a year, so you never have to worry about being left in the dark. You can access it through email ticketing or by live chat support if necessary; just fill out this form first.

cloudways support form

The online knowledge base offers tutorials on How-To’s as well as answers for technical support. They have questions such as billing issues, cloudways coupon, cloudways promo code, monthly hosting spending, and other common queries found among customers who need help at any time of day or night (even weekends).

Unlimited installation of application

Cloudways is a powerful and cost-effective hosting service that offers unlimited applications install which makes it the best-managed cloud hosting. With Cloudways’ latest pricing plan, you can host as many websites on one server without worrying about any data limitations or bandwidth restrictions.

cloudways multiple application

You can simply select your desired package from among their available plans depending upon how much traffic each will generate for free.

Free website migration

Looking for an easy way to move your website? Cloudways provides free website migration services for free in just 24 hours that too without any hassle.

You can rest assured that they will not break the old hosting platform while converting it over on Cloudways servers. So, there is no need to worry about all the technical complexity in the cloud server as its hosting services are top-notch.


For any hosting company, your data is more important than ever. Hence, Cloud providers make sure that you can demand backups or schedule them for an automated offsite restore in just one click. Now, you can have a secure managed cloud hosting with their premium support.

What is special about the Cloudways Integrated dashboard?

With the ability to provide a wide range of services, your post-sales support is more important than ever. For this reason, Cloudways google cloud platform looks more closely into how to set up its dashboard UI design and add on features such as a firewall or Content Distribution Network (CDN).

cloudways dashboard

Cloudways’ built-in dashboard is powerful, extremely user-friendly, and is ideal for developers and/or agencies, or perhaps even companies planning to manage several of their sites separately. They can offer each of their customers a choice of hosting platform, which they can then manage from one place.

Since users on each Cloudways account can purchase and configure multiple servers for their sites and applications, we need a systematic way to group the work of those users. Cloudways groups user work into three categories: projects, servers, and applications.

Cloudways Pricing Structure:

Cloudways offers five different cloud platforms, each with its own set of pricing plans. In the table below, we show the starting prices for all of the plans.

PlansStaring Pricing
Digital Ocean$10/month
Google Cloud$33.18/month

Note: Their moneyback guarantee is not only an attractive feature, but it stands out as a point of difference. You can cancel the managed hosting plans at any time.

You will be charged just for the time you used cloud hosting plans instead of being stuck paying for one month’s worth of coverage when your subscription expires without receiving any services during that period.

It is best to use cloudways coupon codes or cloudways promo code in case you want to purchase again for an exclusive discount.

Cloudways coupon code FAQs

How do I upgrade my Cloudways trial account to a full account?

Learn how to upgrade your Cloudways trial account to a full account.

1. Log in to the Cloudways Platform using your credentials.
2. In the top right corner, click the Profile symbol.
3. Go to Account and choose it.
4. Select Credit Card from the drop-down menu, then Authorize Credit Card.

Now, fill up the blanks with the relevant information and then click Authorize. The payment processor will charge $1 for verification purposes, which will be automatically reversed once the attempt is successful.

Once the verification procedure is finished, the account will be upgraded to full control managed cloud. This is the time to use the cloudways coupon or cloudways promo code. For maximum discount, you can use the cloudways coupon code.

What happens if I decide to change my cloudways pricing plan in the middle of the month?

Invoicing is done on an hourly basis by Cloudways. This means that you will only be billed for the services you have used. Any changes to your cloud hosting pricing plans will be reflected on your invoice immediately. You can use the cloudways promo codes or discount code as well after giving credit card details.

Does Cloudways provide an SSL certificate?

Yes, Cloudways provides a free SSL certificate to every website. Site backups are also available for security, technical issues, or if the site is hacked.

Is it common for Cloudways to offer discounts?

Yes, Cloudways servers offer regular and seasonal discount codes and coupons codes on cloudways hosting plans. You can see exclusive cloudways coupon on events such as Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Summer Sale, and New Year Sale, in addition to regular coupons.

What is the Cloudways hosting plan’s contract length?

No, you are not required to adhere to any contract in order to use their services. You must pay for the services you have previously utilized in the previous month on a monthly basis.

You can use the Cloudways coupon or cloudways promo code for a discount on hosting plans.

How can I get a free Cloudways hosting trial?

Simply join up for a free Cloudways account to make a new cloudways account on the sign up page. Now, authenticate your new cloudways account with a valid email account, and you’ll be ready to begin your free trial server.

You can also get massive discounts on cloudways’ deal by using cloudways coupon codes and discount coupons.

Who can use Cloudways hosting?

Cloudways is perfect for companies that have an online presence in this digital ocean, from SaaS providers and developers to start-ups. The flexibility of scale in terms of not just servers but also data transfer makes this cloud service ideal for elastic sites that demand agility!

Cloudways is a web hosting fit for businesses that need to be flexible and nimble. These companies will benefit from its scalability, which enables them not only to have an elastic site but also provide power in both numbers of servers or data transfer capacity they can use at any given time.

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If you’re looking for a hosting company that will give your business or website the best of both worlds, look no further than Cloudways hosting. With hosting services tailored to suit every user’s needs from small businesses to all the way up through enterprise-level operations where multiple sites are being hosted on one server, this web hosting service has it covered.

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