Chegg Vs Course Hero: Is Chegg or Course Hero better? Which One to Choose?


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Chegg Vs Course Hero is a platform that makes it possible for a tutor and student to interact with each other virtually. Nowadays, students and teachers can collaborate in virtual classrooms using audio and video calls and a virtual board.

These two platforms include instructions, textbooks, infographics, class notes, step-by-step detailed explanations, essays, lab reports, videos, user questions with teacher answers, and original content created and uploaded by teachers. 

If students have any doubts regarding any subject or topic, they can look for research materials on Chegg and Course Hero. But for extended and advanced features, one has to subscribe to them. 

To know which one is good for you to subscribe to; Here I have discussed and compared both the platforms: Chegg and Course Hero and the decision will be yours:-

About Chegg



14.95 24.95
Chegg Have Different Pricing Plans For Each category.
✔️ Step-by-step Textbook Solutions for 9,000 books
✔️ Ask questions of experts and enthusiasts ✔️ 24/7 Search millions of homework answers

I define Chegg as a platform for selling books to students and helping them with their homework.

Chegg is an online education platform founded by Carlson, Osman Rashid, and Ayush in 2005. The original goal was to rent, buy, and sell textbooks, but the platform has expanded to include tuition, scholarship, and homework solutions.

Chegg started out renting textbooks, but today it is known for its mentoring services. You can use the platform as a mentor or student. If you came across some difficulty with any specific topic, detailed explanations and more than 22,000 solutions are available.

This free program gives users access to more than 500 million cards to help them prepare for the main test. Chegg Prep is available as a web service, an app for iOS and Android. Overall, according to Chegg, performance measurement and test preparation are areas where this platform stands out.

Chegg Pros & Cons:

Chegg Pros
  • Reliable sources
  • Instructors can work flexible hours for a good hourly rate
  • For a new subscriber, it offers a 30-minute free trial (valid for the first 7 days)
  • It keeps track of your sessions for future reference
  • You can cancel your subscription anytime
Chegg Cons
  • Poor customer service
  • Tutoring is competitive

Chegg Pricing Plans:-

Chegg study packs include:-

Chegg Study ($14.95/month)

  • 32 million questions and answers from experts and textbook solutions
  • Guided video tutorial
  • Ask 20 questions a month
  • Exercise problems

Chegg Math Solver ($9.95/month)

  • Degrees and subordinate equations
  • Enter your custom equation
  • Graphing calculator

Chegg Writing ($9.95/month)

  • Help cite your article
  • Check your work for plagiarism
  • Check for grammatical errors

 Chegg Tutoring Packs Include:-

RateTeaching Time
$15 per week 30 minutes of tutoring/week
$48 per week ($0.40 per additional minute)120 minutes of tutoring/week
$30 per month ($0.50 per additional minute)60 minutes of tutoring/month
$96 per month ($0.40 per additional minute)240 minutes of tutoring/month
$0.75 per minute (no additional charges)Unlimited minutes of tutoring

All you have to do is choose the plan that best suits your needs and budget. Remember, your first 30 minutes of lessons are completely free when you sign up for one of Chegg’s tutor plans.

These 30 free minutes must be requested within the first 7 days after your registration. After completing the 7-day free trial of Chegg Study, your paid subscription will officially begin.

If you don’t want to continue after the free trial, you’ll need to cancel your subscription, which is easy, according to Cheggs student reviews. Is it worth paying for Chegg? We think so. If you’re not sure, try a free 30-minute class.

About Course Hero

Course Hero was founded in 2006 by a student Andrew Grauer, who aims to help prepare students to gain higher education. This website maintains an online learning environment for students to receive course-specific learning resources provided by the student and faculty community.

There are big differences in the way Course Hero teaches compared to most similar sites. Instead of having a one-on-one video chat with students, go through a list of questions related to your field and provide informed answers.

This teaching method may be suitable for those who are uncomfortable with the individual social interaction required for most teaching assignments. It also eliminates all of the typical video chat scheduling requirements, meaning you can be more selective about when and how you choose to work.

Course Hero Pros & Cons:

Course Hero Pros
  • A refund policy is great
  • Flexible working hours
  • Content is updated regularly
  • Free registration with training materials
  • Round the clock homework help
  • Anyone can upload answers
Course Hero Cons
  • Posting answers take 2-3 hours of time
  • Customer service is terrible
  • Their guidance system is not detailed

Course Hero Pricing Plans:-

Course Hero comes with three different plan options:-

Course Hero Pricing Plans


  • $39.99 per month for 1-month access
  • Ask up to 10 Tutor questions


  • $19.95 per month for 3-month access
  • Ask up to 20 Tutor Questions


  • $9.95 per month for 12-month access
  • Ask up to 40 Tutor Questions

Chegg vs Course Hero: Study Material and Tutoring Comparison

Chegg offers study material and resources in different categories. During your studies, you will have access to questions and answers and practice the practical tasks of the book step by step.

As for the essay, you have the option of copying and pasting a computer-generated copier that warns you about grammatical errors and plagiarism. Moreover, you have the option to create your own virtual flashcards, access math teachers, and guides (from pre-algebra to linear algebra).

Cheggs teachers help match the student with an expert in this niche who can help them improve. Teachers and students communicate one-on-one in virtual classrooms with chat rooms, app messaging, audio, and video.

There are no downloads required as everything is done online. This means that Chegg teachers and learners can connect from anywhere in the world. You can try it for free for 30 minutes and pay per minute or go for a monthly subscription.

Course Hero offers a variety of learning resources to choose from depending on the school, course, or textbook. You can also get homework classes and step-by-step instructions 24 hours a day. Other features include document uploading, the ability to self-apply for tuition fees, and a database of scholarships for students.

Anyone can also become a tutor in Course Hero, provided they have a good awareness of the subject. You have to apply to become a tutor, but you are also paid to become a tutor which can bring you good and stable extra income.

You don’t have to be a certified teacher, teacher, or instructor to become a Course Hero teacher. However, you must share information showing that you have experience with the categories you want to teach.

FAQs About Chegg and Course Hero

How much money one can approximately get as a tutor on Course Hero?

As a Class hero teacher, you earn $ 3 for every question you successfully answer. There is no limit on the number of questions you can answer, answer as many as you wish.

Since you can earn between $12 and $20 an hour for your Course Hero Tutor, it is a great opportunity to make the most of your time working as a Course Hero Tutor. Course full-time teachers earn an average of $ 300 per year and top teachers earn about $500 per week. 

The way you pay to answer questions is by charging students to access course hero study materials and tutors. Course Hero helps them get the information they need and pays you for their time and knowledge.

What is the minimum requirement to become a teacher on Course Hero?

You can become a teacher on Course Hero if you have a bachelor’s degree from an American or Canadian university and you live in the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom.

Which platform gives the fastest answers to students?

Whenever a student struggles with specific problems or topics, they can ask questions for help with guidance. Course Hero wants to keep response times fast, and one of the things students love about Course Hero is they get their answers quickly.

Is it possible to change my subject to Chegg?

Yes, you can change your subject by taking the subject test again in the newly selected subject. To add another subject, you will have to give a test on that subject too.

How do you participate as a student?

When you go to the website, select “Student”  and to participate as a tutor choose  “Subject Expert”.

Are Chegg’s answers always correct?

Of course! Chegg’s answers are always correct. All answers are checked, verified, and updated before being added to the large database of question answers. Very few of Chegg’s reviews questioned the accuracy of the answers, and all the students seemed to be very happy with their answers.

How does Chegg work?

Chegg is an incredibly easy-to-use platform. All you have to do is determine what kind of help you need, find multiple teachers, choose the teacher you want to work with more, and follow the lesson.

Chegg Vs Course Hero Winner: 

Chegg: Being a teacher on Chegg is a great way to stay up to date on topics you’re experienced in. Use your knowledge to help others learn new things and earn extra money for yourself. Chegg has the policy to pay teachers every Friday via PayPal for all lessons conducted in that week.

The more you work, the more you earn. It is a reliable place to make money online and if you meet the requirements, you need to become a Chegg teacher.

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