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YouTube has seen a tremendous amount of growth since it was founded in an office garage back in 2005. The video-sharing platform has become a go-to destination for content creators and brands alike.

One of the primary reasons for YouTube’s popularity is its simplicity. It’s so easy for anyone to create and share content on the platform. As a result, there’s a massive amount of content to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for beauty tutorials, product reviews, gaming channels, or hours of unboxing videos, you’re sure to find them on YouTube. With millions of channels available, there’s something for everyone.

YouTube Channel Statistics

  • According to YouTube stats, the number of channels making $10,000 or more per year grows by 50% every year. 
  • YouTube’s Live Gaming category had nearly 912,000 channels as of the end of the third quarter of 2020.
  • On a year-over-year basis, the number of YouTube channels making at least five figures has increased by 50%.
  • In general, every 1,000 views on YouTube earns a YouTube channel $0.5 in revenue.

YouTube User and Usage Statistics

More than 2 billion people visit YouTube each month, with almost all of them staying logged in.
More than 2 billion people visit YouTube each month, with almost all of them staying logged in.
 74% of YouTube users in the United States are over the age of Seventy-seven percent of YouTube viewers in the United States are between the ages of 15 and 35.
 80 percent of parents in the United States with children under the age of 11 say that their children use YouTube as well. 
Nearly 94% of Over-the-Top viewers in the United States are on YouTube. 
The United States accounts for nearly 16.4% of all video platform users.
 More than half of YouTube’s viewers are men. 
Over 122 million people regularly use YouTube’s platform.
 In the United States, nearly 62% of YouTube users visit the video-sharing site on a daily basis.

YouTube Usage Statistics

More than 2 billion people visit YouTube each month, with almost all of them staying logged in. 
74% of YouTube users in the United States are over the age of 18. 
Currently, YouTube is the second-most popular website on the Internet in the United States.
As a result, YouTube is now the second most popular social media network worldwide. 
Almost half of YouTube’s traffic comes from mobile devices, according to the site’s analytics.
YouTube users who are at least 18 years old spend, on average, nearly 42 minutes per day on the platform. 
Nearly four times as many people watched Black Lives Matter videos in June 2020 as there were in June of the previous year.
YouTube is primarily used for entertainment, with 82% of all videos watched being for entertainment purposes. 
Nearly 8% of viewers use YouTube to keep in touch with loved ones.
In the 30 to 49-year-old age group, 37 percent of YouTube users use the platform to get their news.
One-third of female internet users admit to occasionally perusing YouTube’s beauty tutorials. 
7 percent of YouTube users say they use it to enhance their professional services, in part because of this.

YouTube Demographics and User Behavior Statistics

More than half (53%) of Gen Z male YouTube viewers use the platform to keep up with their favorite influencers and 42 percent of female Gen Z viewers use YouTube to stay up to date on their favorite social media influencers.
42 percent of female Gen Z viewers use YouTube to stay up to date on their favorite social media influencers.
62 percent of YouTube users visited the site every day in the past year, according to data.
Most Americans aged 36-45, 70-55, and 56-plus use YouTube; this indicates that older adults are more interested in video content than other forms of social media such as Facebook or Twitter.
Worldwide, 77% of YouTube users are between the ages of 15 and 25. As of 2020, nearly 72% of female and 72% of male YouTube users were logged into their accounts. 
These figures show a high rate of YouTube usage, which demonstrates its global ubiquity.

YouTube for Business Statistics

Between March and July of 2020, the number of people who watched videos with the title “beginner” in it increased significantly, by more than half. 
In the year 2020, 72% of YouTube users will watch fitness videos to help them get started with a workout routine.
Over the course of the first half of 2020, YouTube’s daily live streaming saw a 45 percent increase. 
In the month of March 2020, the number of people who watched videos with the title “home office” was up by over 210 percent.
Nearly half of B2B decision-makers use YouTube to conduct research before making a purchase.

YouTube Ad Statistics

After watching a brand’s YouTube ad, nearly 70 percent of viewers purchased the brand’s products.
 Over $5.5 billion in ad revenue is expected to be generated by YouTube in the United States in 2021, according to estimates. 
Nike’s Never Too Far Down | You Can’t Stop Us was the most well-received and most viewed YouTube ad in the United States in 2020, as YouTube statistics suggest that YouTube ads that target users based on intent rather than demographics see a 100% increase in purchasing intent.

YouTube Marketing Statistics

As of 2020, for marketers, YouTube was ranked fifth among internet users, following Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
During the third quarter of 2020, YouTube made $5 billion in ad revenue.
According to YouTube statistics, Apple was the top advertiser on the platform in 2020, generating over 2.23 billion impressions.
Turbotax was YouTube’s second-largest advertiser, generating nearly 2 billion impressions in total.
Due to an increase in marketing influencer costs on nearly every platform over the last six years, YouTube has seen the most growth in influence-marketing spending.
Only 7% of marketers found unskippable ads to be effective in a recent study by Statista.
According to the same study, 29 percent of the participating marketers found the most effective pre-roll ads on YouTube to be skippable ads.
The majority of marketers surveyed by Statista expect to increase their YouTube marketing spending by the year 2020.

Growth of YouTube Statistics

In 2020, YouTube is expected to bring in around $19.7 billion in revenue.
On a year-over-year basis, the company’s annual revenue grew by 30.4%. YouTube made $6 billion in the first quarter of 2021. The revenue generated in the first three months of last year increased by 49%.
In 2006, Google shelled out nearly $1.65 billion to buy YouTube.
In 2020, Ryan Kaji became the highest-paid YouTube star with an annual salary of $29.5 million.
YouTube pays $18 for every ad that receives a thousand views.
Over the last five years, YouTube partners with those who have content ID have received nearly $2 billion in revenue.
With over 500,000 subscribers, the average revenue per video is $3,857 for YouTube influencers.
An average of $315 per video is earned by YouTube influencers who produce video content and have a following of 500 to 5,000 people.

YouTube Financial Statistics

YouTube currently allows basic users to upload up to 15-minute videos of up to 2 GB each. YouTube’s premium features, on the other hand, are quite distinct.
According to YouTube statistics, one billion hours of video are viewed every day by active users on the site.
YouTube videos are watched for an average of nearly 16 minutes and 40 seconds per day by each individual user.
Approximately 8.9 pages are viewed by every YouTube user each day on average.
Many YouTube users believe that better public relations communications can be achieved in future years by using YouTube.
100 billion hours of gaming-related video content will be viewed through YouTube in 2020.

YouTube Music Statistics

Music is the most popular YouTube activity for 64% of all users.
Most YouTube users in the United States stated that their primary purpose for using the site was to access music.
A whopping 47% of all music is listened to on the internet, thanks to sites like YouTube.
A whopping 35% of Italian YouTubers use the service to jam out to music.

YouTube Competitors Statistics

YouTube Vs. Facebook Statistics

As of today, Facebook has 24.5 percent more monthly users than YouTube does, on average.
However, according to analytics, YouTube’s Messenger app had 76% fewer active monthly users in 2021 than Facebook’s.
Facebook has an average of more than 800 billion views per day compared to YouTube’s daily active users.
Only 68% of adults in the US regularly use Facebook, while 74% of adults regularly use YouTube in the US.

YouTube Vs. TikTok Statistics

According to YouTube stats, TikTok had 700 million active users per month in mid-2020, while YouTube had over 2 billion active users per month.
According to YouTube Analytics, TikTok has overtaken both YouTube and Messenger to become the most popular app in 2020.
Kids aged 4 to 15 spent an average of 75 minutes per day watching TikTok and 68 minutes per day watching YouTube Kids between 2019 and 2020, according to the data.
TikTok is one of the most popular and most popular social media platforms for kids between the ages of 4 and 15, according to Google’s parent company, YouTube.

YouTube Like and Dislike Statistics

Over 86% of YouTube users disapproved of last year’s infamous “YouTube Rewind 2018” clip. With over 10 million dislikes, Justin Bieber’s music video for “Baby” was previously the most disliked video on YouTube.
Nearly 73% of videos in 2014 had a like ratio of 90-100%, according to data from that year.
One of the most popular videos on YouTube was a tribute to Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, the band’s lead singer. Based on the number of views and reactions, one out of every six people saw the video and reacted to it.

YouTube Keyword Search Statistics

Nearly 173.6 million times per month in 2021, the keyword “youtube” will be searched for.
As of early 2020, “pewdiepie” was America’s most-searched term in the country.
The most popular YouTube keywords in the world, according to data gathered from the service, were “bts” and “pewdiepie.”
YouTube searches for “Olivia Rodrigo driver’s license” are currently the most popular in the United States.
At the time of writing, “Godzilla vs Kong” was one of the most popular YouTube searches.

YouTube Influencer Marketing Statistics

The majority of YouTube content creators say that expressing their creativity on the platform is their first priority.
The majority of YouTube content creators (34 percent) say that their primary goal is to promote their business or brand.
Ryan Kaji, who is only nine years old, is one of the most well-known and well-liked YouTubers today.
T-Series, an Indian film and music label, has the most active YouTube subscribers, according to the site’s statistics, with 195 million.
For 23% of YouTube influencers, the most difficult part of making video content is finding the time to do so.
According to YouTube video analytics, publishers on YouTube only get 1% of all views, while beauty influencers get 60% of all views in the industry. In the field of cosmetics.
A total of 39% of YouTube video views are attributed to various brands.
More than a quarter (27 percent) of YouTubers say that making videos is their full-time job.
YouTube content creators are four times more effective at promoting and popularizing brands than the brands themselves..
With more than 100,000 subscribers, YouTube content creators have the potential to earn an average of more than $2,000 per video on average.

YouTube Engagement Statistics

There was a 70% increase in viewer engagement with content creators between 2017 and 2018.
More than half of today’s millennials and Gen Zers say they watch YouTube videos to learn more about a wide range of topics.
More than a third of YouTube’s Millennial and Gen Z audience members are looking for content that has a purpose and meaning.
Content that delves deep into a user’s passions is more popular on YouTube. less popular than content featuring a well-known person or actors
The number of people who watch comedic videos on YouTube has increased by 60% in the last year.

Video-On-Demand YouTube Statistics

Nearly 39% of the market share for video production is held by YouTube.
Almost two-thirds of YouTube on-demand customers say they use the service to watch their favorite content whenever and wherever they please.
Additionally, 58% of people who use YouTube on-demand pay to watch their favorite shows in a single sitting.
Over 35% of YouTube on-demand users consider themselves frequent users.
Seventy-seven percent of video viewers prefer comedic content.
Crime, mystery, and thriller are among YouTube’s most popular genres, with 60 percent of all views.
More than two-thirds of YouTube’s users watch videos on their mobile devices.
Customers prefer to have on-demand YouTube access on multiple devices, according to 75% of those polled.

Share of Adults with a YouTube Live TV Subscription in the US

Only 8% of active YouTube users in the 18-29 age bracket in the United States had signed up for YouTube Live TV as of March 2021.
There were only 9% of 30-44-year-old YouTube users who subscribed to YouTube Live TV in the United States in March 2021.
More than six out of every ten people between the ages of 18 and 29 in the United States haven’t signed up for YouTube Live TV.
According to YouTube statistics, 30% of Americans 65 and older have never heard of YouTube Live TV Subscription.

YouTube Video Comments Statistics

The song Killshot by Eminem, which has over 580,000 comments, is one of the top YouTube music videos with the most comments. 
In 2021, nearly 51.4% of all comments on YouTube were removed for being misleading or spam.

Removed Videos on YouTube Statistics

Only 42.6% of YouTube videos that were taken down in 2020 were never viewed in the first place.
Nearly 33.8% of the removed videos had fewer than ten views as a result of automated content flagging.
In 2020, spam videos on YouTube will make up nearly 25.5% of all videos.
The removal of 31.7 percent of YouTube videos was due to concerns about the safety of children.
More than 1% of the videos that were taken down were from the United States, according to YouTube stats.
One million, seven hundred thousand, seven hundred thousand Indian YouTube videos were removed from the platform during the second quarter of 2021

Hours of Videos Uploaded

In accordance with YouTube’s statistics, 500 hours of video content are uploaded every minute to the site.
YouTube statistics for 2019 show that two billion people used the platform daily to watch one billion hours of video content.
At 500 minutes per minute, that’s nearly 30,000 hours of new video content uploaded to YouTube every hour in 2019 alone!
More than 3,100 years’ worth of video content was viewed on YouTube for lyrics videos in the past year.

Most Popular YouTube Accounts Statistics

There are a lot of popular YouTube channels dedicated to video content about fashion, beauty, and clothing hauls, among others.
Popular beauty and fashion YouTube channels included Musas, Jefreestar, and Yuya in January 2021.
LEGO’s official YouTube channel has nearly ten billion views, according to the site’s statistics.
Two of the most popular YouTube brands were VAT19 and IDJVideos TV, which had views between four billion and ten billion.
For the Indian music label T-Series, the T-Series YouTube channel has nearly 195 million subscribers.
With over 130 million subscribers, YouTube Movies comes in second to T-Series. A whopping 110 million subscribers put PewDiePie’s YouTube gaming account at the top of a list of the most popular YouTube accounts.
PewDiePie’s YouTube channel had 107 million subscribers in 2020, making it the most popular on the platform.
It’s not as if leading gaming channels like Fernanfloo and VEGETTA777 have tens of millions of subscribers, but they do.

Fun Facts about YouTube

Besides Ryan Kaji, there are other well-known kid YouTube stars, such as Nastya, who have over 77 million subscribers and rank seventh on YouTube’s popularity list.
After gaining over 100 million views in a span of 24 hours, BTS, a Korean boy band, set a new YouTube record in August 2020 with the most popular video ever.
BlackPink, Twice, and PSY are three of YouTube’s most prolific creators of viral videos.
The first viral video to reach 1 billion views in 87 days is Adele’s “Hello” music video, which has garnered over a billion views.


YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine. This means that if you aren’t using YouTube to market your business, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

In fact, according to recent data from Nielsen, over 80% of U.S. Internet users view online video content each month! That’s a lot of potential views for your videos and website.

Not only is YouTube a great way to get your content in front of more people, but it can also help you increase brand awareness and drive traffic back to your website or blog.


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