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As one of the largest online educational platforms, Udemy offers over 185,000 courses and reaches 52 million learners. Providing access to training courses for individuals and businesses, as well as a platform for instructors to host their own content, Udemy is a leading global marketplace for learning and instruction.

With courses available on topics ranging from programming and data science to cooking and design, there is something for everyone on Udemy. So whether you’re looking to learn something new or brush up on your existing skills, Udemy is a great resource.

Interesting Udemy Statistics

In total, Udemy has more than 49 million registered users around the world.
Over 185,00 video courses are available on Udemy’s online learning platform.
The cheapest Udemy course costs $25.
Video classes in more than 75 languages can be found at, which employs 64K educators from around the world.
More than 680 million people have signed up for classes on this platform so far.

1. More than 49 million people use the Udemy eLearning platform worldwide.

More than 49 million students from around the world will be enrolled in Udemy courses by the end of December 2021.

2. Students have access to over 185,000 online courses through the Udemy eLearning platform.

Udemy provides access to more than 185K online video courses, according to research published in December 2021. It’s possible to take several of these courses for nothing.

3. More than 640,000 educators are employed by Udemy.

Udemy provides access to the world’s greatest online repository of information, with more than 64,000 educators teaching on the platform.

4. Udemy provides access to more than 75 languages of online courses.

Udemy’s ability to offer courses in a variety of languages is the best evidence of its effectiveness and utility. More than 75 different languages are available on this eLearning site.

5. More than 680 million people have signed up for courses on Udemy’s online learning platform thus far.

A recent analysis shows that more than 680 million people have used the site to take courses. The platform has built one of the largest online communities on the internet, and it continues to grow every day.

6. There are more than 10,000 enterprise learners on Udemy at any given time.

Udemy’s eLearning platform has more than 10.5K corporate students, according to the most recent data. Using the platform, employees from a wide range of industries can improve their professional skills and expertise.

7. Student preference is to search by industry, according to the Udemy business team’s findings.

It is the job of the business team at Udemy to keep tabs on the most popular e-Learning preferences in the marketplace.

A 190 percent boost in goal setting was found in their studies of personnel from all over the world who chose online courses in retail, financial services, and network cybersecurity. Workers in these industries have benefited greatly from Udemy courses that focus on these topics.                                                       

The number of students taking these classes has grown significantly: a 117 percent rise in network security; a 152 percent rise in financial services; and a 190 percent rise in retail goal setting.                           

8. Udemy tech skills consumption surged between the fourth quarter of 2021 and the first quarter of 2022, according to data on the top growing skills on Udemy.

Students on Udemy are increasingly taking advantage of online courses that teach them the most in-demand, cutting-edge technological skills. Since then, Dapp has received the most attention and has seen a 600% rise in usage. Right now, these are the most sought-after online courses for learning the most valuable IT skills.

Enrollment in DApp (600%), Binance (450%), Openstack Cloud (444%), FastAPI (304%), Microsoft MB-300 (300%), Cloud Architecture (285%), Warehouse Management (276%), Windows 11 (251%) and Certified Cloud (208%) have all seen an increase in enrollment (204 percent increase in enrollment).Udemy’s most popular technology courses.

9. Studies conducted by the Udemy Business team show that procrastination, social skills, and charisma are among the platform’s top ten fastest-growing strength abilities.

There is no better evidence of the popularity and usefulness of Udemy’s online courses than the monthly studies conducted by the Udemy Business team.

Efficiency (98 percent), Personal Success (92 percent), Goal Achievement (83 percent), Passive Income (66 percent), Energy Management (53 percent), Thai Language (52 percent), Work-Life Balance (44 percent), Sign Language (44 percent), Decluttering (42 percent), and Coaching were among the ten most popular online courses about increasing power skills between the first quarter of 2021 and the fourth quarter of 2022. (41 percent).

10. Microsoft Power Automate was the most popular topic in Japan in 2021, according to Udemy’s data on the most popular subjects and consumption surges.

A team from the Udemy Business division gathered information on the most popular online courses in each country. Microsoft Power Automate was the most popular topic in Japan in 2021, according to their research. This topic was the most popular, with a consumption rate of 44% (889 percent).                                                                                   

Listed below are the most popular topics in each country based on the number of views they received:

AWS (202 percent)
Oracle Fusion HCM (712 percent);
Cloud Architecture (285 percent);
Hibernate (190 percent); South Korea (220 percent);
Unity (165 percent); Mexico
(UX design); Germany;
Sass (152 percent); Indonesia;
React (168 percent); Brazil;
network infrastructure (201 percent); France;
statistics (103 percent); Japan;
coachin.js; (215 percent).                                                                                                          

Udemy’s most popular subjects by country of origin (Source:


We’re confident that these figures will demonstrate why Udemy is the best online learning resource. Use Udemy to learn new skills and understand how to profit from the internet’s power in the most effective manner.


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