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With over 175 million tracks and 12 hours of content uploaded every minute, SoundCloud is one of the largest streaming platforms available. The site was founded in 2007 by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss, who met at university and bonded over their love of music.

Originally, SoundCloud was built for professional musicians, but the pair quickly saw the value of opening it to all sorts of content creators.

Millions of creators use SoundCloud as a way to distribute music, demos, and beats, with producers, singers, and everything in between collaborating on the platform. Many artists used the platform as the first step in their career, including Post Malone who uploaded White Iverson in 2015, which became a viral hit.

In recent years, SoundCloud has faced stiff competition from other streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. However, the site remains popular with creators thanks to its huge catalog of independent music and its easy-to-use interface.

Key SoundCloud Stats and Facts:

It is estimated that SoundCloud has 175 million monthly users at this time.
Since their peak in 2014 (when they had about 276m subscribers), they have fallen to 10th place in the US in terms of music streaming.
SoundCloud presently has more than 76 million paid subscribers.
On mobile phones, 86 percent of people listen to music, compared to 52 percent who use their laptops.
Over 265 million recordings have been uploaded to SoundCloud as a result of the platform’s openness to independent artists.
Compared to other music streaming services, such as iTunes (75 million tracks) and Spotify (40 million), this is a significant increase (70 million tracks).
Many musicians, including Billie Eilish, Khalid, Post Malone, Chance the Rapper, and Megan Thee Stallion, began their careers on SoundCloud before signing with a record label.
To support musicians affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, SoundCloud gave $15 million in donations.

SoundCloud Usage Statistics:

The US (27 percent), the UK (6 percent), Germany (5 percent), and France (4 percent) are the most common countries of origin for visitors to our website or mobile app (3 percent).
69 percent of Soundcloud’s American users are between the ages of 18 and 29, according to data from the company.
Only ten percent of listeners are beyond the age of 45.
Most SoundCloud subscribers have a three-person family.
One-fifth of those polled said they have five or more occupants.
Listening to or having a SoundCloud account is more common among men, according to data from SoundCloud. Only 33% of people who use the service are women.
It’s almost evenly split between large centers (48 percent) and small towns and rural areas (47 percent) (52 percent).
60% of US SoundCloud users listen to hip hop and R&B, 54% listen to humor, and 32% listen to pop music (45 percent).
Religious music, global music, and documentary-style content are the least popular genres of music (19 percent).
Users only listen to 48 percent of all 30 million artists on the platform each month. In the end, this implies a large number of performers go unappreciated. Direct browser visits bring in 60% of all SoundCloud users.
Search (17.8%), social media (9.5%), and referrals (4.5%) are the other traffic sources (2.5 percent).
The average SoundCloud user only listens to music for 3 minutes and 48 seconds each day. For those who listen frequently (more than 11 hours per week), 30% of consumers utilize the site or app regularly.

Financial SoundCloud Statistics:

In 2021, SoundCloud was valued at over $900 million. There were times when SoundCloud didn’t do so well in the financial department.
A profit of more than $200 million was recorded during their first profitable quarter since the company’s inception in Q4 of 2019.
After Pandora, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music, SoundCloud was the iTunes store’s fourth-highest-grossing app in 2020. SoundCloud came dangerously close to bankruptcy in 2017, forcing the firm to lay off 40% of its workforce and shut down two of its most important offices, in San Francisco and London.
This was the biggest year-over-year rise in revenue for SoundCloud yet, rising over 80% between 2016 and 2017.
During this period, SoundCloud had a $1 billion market capitalization estimate.
A total of $169.5 million was invested in SoundCloud by the Raine Group and Temasek in 2017 to avert bankruptcy.
In 2020, Sirius XM will have contributed $75 million, bringing the total amount of capital to $5.5 million for the company.

SoundCloud Statistics About Growth:

New music and audio are added to SoundCloud’s platform every minute.
SoundCloud Go and SoundCloud Go+ are presently the only subscription options available to SoundCloud listeners.
Creators must also register for an account in order to upload music.
It is possible to select from three different pricing options: SoundCloud Free, SoundCloud Pro, and SoundCloud Pro Unlimited (the latter of which is the most expensive option).
Promo and income for artists are both possible with the SoundCloud Premier package.
Two purchases by SoundCloud have been completed since 2007. They acquired Instinctive, a music management start-up, in 2012, and Repost Network, a distribution channel company, in 2019.


SoundCloud is a great place to share your music, whether you’re a fan or a musician. However, despite its lack of popularity, it has a distinct advantage over many of its rivals because of its artist-centric approach and revenue alternatives.


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