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Retargeting is a popular advertising tactic that involves showing ads to lapsed users who have already installed an app. Also known as remarketing, this technique is effective because users who have previously shown interest in an app are often more likely to convert than new users.

Retargeting can be done using a variety of methods, including display ads, email campaigns, and push notifications. When done correctly, retargeting can help to improve conversion rates and increase app engagement.

However, it is important to avoid bombarding users with too many ads, as this can quickly lead to user fatigue and cause them to uninstall your app.

Instead, focus on delivering targeted, relevant ads that will encourage lapsed users to come back to your app.

General Retargeting Stats and Trends:-

Internet surfers are aware of tailored adverts to an extent of 87%.
Remarketing advertisements are used by 70% of marketers to raise brand recognition.
The conversion rate might go boosted by 150 percent with a good search retargeting campaign.
Reaching out to users based on their keyword searches is known as “search retargeting.”
The two most often used tools in the retargeting market are Facebook Pixel and Google Ads.
Remarketing is the most underappreciated tactic, according to 46% of marketing experts.
A remarketing campaign’s potential customers often spend 67 percent more on their subsequent purchases.

Frightening Retargeting Statistics

In Norway in 2020, Facebook captured 99% of the remarketing market share.
A whopping 89% of Internet users are uneasy about the fact that virtually any marketing firm can access their private data.
The most widely used retargeting technique is Facebook Custom Audience, which is used by 42% of the most popular websites.
In the US, 60% of users report seeing tailored advertising for items they have already searched for.
The Global Display Network (GDN) can connect with 90% of online consumers.
Retargeting social media ads, for instance, can reach the 2.7 billion active users of Facebook.

Retargeting Effectiveness Stats

In Russia, search retargeting is the most successful form of advertising.
The most well-liked tool for helping French business owners deal with cart abandonment is a remarketing and AI hybrid.
Compared to before they were retargeted, 70% of the audience for retargeting is more likely to make purchases on a retailer’s website.
Revenue from dynamic remarketing advertisements might rise by 40%.
Compared to other social media, LinkedIn has a 30% higher CTR (Click-Through Rate) for retargeted ads.
Retargeting has a 68 percent satisfaction rate among marketers.

Retargeting Strategies Statistics

One out of every five marketing professionals has a specific budget set aside for remarketing activities.
88 percent of marketers either use or plan to employ AI to improve their marketing strategy.
Social media platforms are the most successful for remarketing, according to 54% of content marketing experts.
Remarketing is allegedly a common strategy among businesses to bring in more clients and boost sales, according to 79% of companies.

Retargeting Benefits Statistics

Retargeting ads often have a ten times greater click-through rate than standard display ads.
Cart abandonment can be reduced by 1100 percent with a remarketing strategy.
All other online ad placement techniques pale in comparison to retargeting.

Retargeting Challenges Statistics

Retargeting is a successful marketing tactic, according to one in every four Italian business owners.
47 percent of marketing professionals are dissatisfied with their retargeting platforms’ level of customer service.
Remarketing strategies, according to one-third of marketers, were crucial in helping them reach their objectives.

Retargeting Spending Stats

In the upcoming six months, more money will be allocated to retargeted ad placement, according to 50% of digital marketing experts. 
A Google retargeted ad typically costs between $0.60 and $1.20 per click.
Remarketing accounts for 41% of the search network’s display ad spending, according to retargeting statistics.

Mobile Retargeting Statistics

With the aid of remarketing, 17% of applications are able to reach a 25% conversion rate.
After the first installation, 21% of the Gen Y and Gen Z audience stops using programs.
However, because of remarketing campaigns, the trend is eroding year over year.
Mobile conversions, according to 51% of marketers, are the most important signal they take into account when starting retargeting campaigns on mobile devices.
Last year, mobile targeting helped businesses boost their revenues by 20% on average.

Retargeting Based on Consumer Behavior Statistics

Using a retargeting platform, 24% of the customer audience frequently visits websites again.
A retargeting advertisement’s aesthetic attractiveness is significant to one-third of buyers.
25% of retargeted clients prefer to get advertising that encourages them to visit a website again.
In order to receive the best prices on social media or in search results, 47% of survey respondents are willing to compromise their privacy.
The audience that visited a website two to three weeks ago is best served by Facebook ad remarketing.
The quantity of Google ad impressions is the sole factor determining remarketing conversion.

Retargeting Statistics for B2B Marketers

52 percent of B2B vendors in the tech sector boosted their use of Facebook and other social media sites for digital marketing.
Retargeting was only mentioned as a marketing tactic with a higher ROI (Return On Investments) in the B2B sector by one out of every nine respondents.
Retargeting is the eleventh most used technique to improve a marketing funnel in the B2B sector.
Retargeting ad strategies for businesses are often four times more successful than those for consumers.


Retargeting, in a nutshell, can assist in reaching the target demographic who have visited a website but haven’t made a purchase.

Retargeting is one of the most useful and underutilized methods available to marketing managers, according to data. Retargeting advertising can greatly raise revenues and sales.


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