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In today’s digital age, it’s easier than ever to make money online. There are countless ways to earn extra income through the internet.

In this blog post, we will share 20 legitimate ways that you can start making money online today! Whether you’re looking for a part-time side hustle or a full-time career change, there is something for everyone on this list.

So read some real ways to make money online!

How Can I Make Money Online?

If you’re looking for an easy way to make some extra money without much effort, you’ve come to the right place.

This list is packed full of online money-making options, from simple side gigs that anyone can do to more involved and sizeable opportunities for making extra cash from home.

Whether you’re looking to earn a few dollars here and there or are hoping to start a new freelance career, this list has something for everyone.

So take a look through and find something that appeals to your skills or interests, and set aside some time to get started on it today!

Build a Website and Earn an Affiliate Commission

affiliate marketing model

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to make real money online. With 81% of brands and 84% of publishers using this powerful marketing strategy, it’s clear that businesses recognize the significant rewards that can come from affiliate marketing.

This strategy involves promoting a wide range of products, services, apps, software, and more. In return for your efforts, companies will typically pay you a commission whenever someone makes a purchase through the links that you have shared.

Whether you’re seeking to generate some extra income or looking to build a full-time business, affiliate marketing is an excellent option.

With so many different types of products and services available through affiliate programs, there are opportunities for everyone no matter what their interests or skills may be.

And with the rise in popularity of online shopping around the world, the potential for earning money through affiliate marketing continues to grow year after year.

So if you want to start making real money online and achieve financial freedom, then consider exploring the possibilities that affiliate marketing has to offer!

affiliate marketing stats

As an affiliate marketer, your task is to promote the products or services of your affiliate brands and drive traffic to their websites. You can do this by writing blog posts, creating infomercials, and other types of content.

In order to be successful, you need to be persistent and have the right strategy. Once you’ve chosen a niche, you can start working on designing a website and starting a blog.

Another option is to start a YouTube channel that runs alongside your blog. If you put in the hard work, you can be successful as an affiliate marketer.

Build and Sell Software

build and sell software

Building and selling software can be a very lucrative business venture. The upfront costs of developing the software are typically quite high, but once you have the finished product, the cost of selling it to customers is relatively low.

In addition, because delivering the final product to customers is so simple and inexpensive, you can focus your energy on marketing and promotion to reach a wide audience.

To be successful in this business, however, it is essential to have a good grasp of programming principles and techniques. If you don’t have these skills yourself, you might consider enlisting help from a friend or relative with programming experience.

Building partnerships with other developers can also be beneficial for cutting down on costs and spreading the risk across multiple projects.

Overall, then, there are many benefits to building and selling software–as long as you get your programming fundamentals right!

If you want to be successful in the software industry, it’s not enough to simply create a functional product. Your software needs to be appealing to customers and offer them value that they can’t find elsewhere.

To determine what sorts of software people are interested in, it’s important to stay up-to-date on current trends and understand the industry landscape. This way, you can identify areas where there is unmet demand or problems that have yet to be solved.

Once you’ve found a potential niche, it’s important to create a unique product that meets the needs of your target market. This could mean offering a better solution than existing alternatives or creating a new piece of software at a lower price point.

Whatever strategy you choose, remember that in order to be successful, you need to offer value that people are actually willing to pay for.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce the amount of work you have to do, you may want to consider investing in some software. There are a number of software programs available that can help you automate tasks or improve your workflow.

Additionally, there is a growing trend in using open-source software. This option often comes with fewer restrictions than proprietary software, meaning you may be able to sell any products you create.

However, it is important to do your research before investing in any software program, as some open-source options come with very few features. App development is another avenue you may want to explore.

Creating games or apps can be a very lucrative venture. However, it is important to note that this option requires a significant investment of time and money.

Before deciding whether or not to pursue app development, make sure you are prepared to commit the necessary resources.

Launch and Grow a Startup

start a startup and make money

The internet has made it easier than ever to launch a startup business. If you have an idea and a computer, you can get started with very little investment. There are a number of valuable tools available online that can help you build and launch your business.

You will need to put in some hard work to learn how to use these tools, but the effort will be worth it. With a little bit of planning and dedication, you can turn your startup into a success.

So if you’ve got an idea and a dream, don’t let anything stop you from pursuing it. Thanks to the internet, the sky’s the limit.

Another great benefit of starting a new online business is that you can work from anywhere in the world. This is a huge advantage for entrepreneurs who want the flexibility to work from home or travel.

With an online business, you can set your own hours and work as little or as often as you want. The pacing of your business growth is also up to you. If you want to grow fast, you can put in the extra effort to make it happen.

If you want a more gradual pace, you can take your time and grow at a sustainable pace. When it comes to capital requirements, an online business is much more accessible than a brick-and-mortar business.

You can get started with very little money because there are so many free resources available online. In conclusion, starting an online business has many advantages over traditional businesses. It’s more flexible, less expensive, and easier to get started.

Start an eCommerce Site and Sell Physical Products

start an ecommerce website

In recent years, the popularity of eCommerce sites has skyrocketed. This is due, in part, to the availability of user-friendly platforms such as WooCommerce and WordPress, which make building an online store quick and easy.

With so many brick-and-mortar stores closing their doors due to COVID-19, it is likely that we will see even more people turning to eCommerce in the coming months.

Not only does online shopping offer consumers greater convenience and access to a wider range of products than ever before, but for many people who now find themselves unable to get to the store or warehouse due to the outbreak, it is becoming a necessity.

So if you’re looking for an effective way to profit from today’s major trends, starting an eCommerce business may be just what you need.

Whether you’re selling your own handcrafted goods or drop shipping products from major retailers, there has never been a better time to capitalize on the popularity of eCommerce sites.

And with all the resources available online today, there’s no excuse not to get started!

To run a successful eCommerce store, you need to think strategically and be ready to put in the hard work. The first thing that you need to consider is what kind of product you want to sell.

Some people choose to focus on a specific niche, developing unique products that are tailored to the needs of their customers.

This can be a good option, as it allows you to create something truly valuable for your target audience, but it comes with an element of risk and may require some investment upfront in terms of research and development.

Alternatively, you may wish to purchase popular or trending products from overseas manufacturers at low cost, then repackage them with your own branding before reselling them at a markup.

This approach is typically less risky, as it uses existing market demand for products rather than attempting to create them yourself.

However, it does require a good deal of savvy entrepreneurship when it comes to purchasing low-cost items in bulk and identifying high-profit margins in the marketplace.

Ultimately, whatever approach you choose, you must be prepared to put in plenty of time and effort to ensure the success of your eCommerce store. So start thinking strategically now and get ready for the hard work ahead!

Create Online Courses

create an online course

The popularity of online courses has exploded in recent years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. With the flexibility to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule, online courses are a great way to gain new skills or knowledge.

And with the potential to reach a global audience, there is huge potential for earnings. If you have expertise that someone is willing to pay for, creating an online course is a fantastic opportunity.

With the right planning and execution, you can build a successful online course that will provide you with a lucrative stream of income for years to come.

Platforms like Udemy and Skillshare have made it easier than ever for people to share their skills and knowledge with the world. If you’re an expert in a particular subject, there’s no reason why you can’t create your own course and become an instructor.

The benefits of becoming an instructor are numerous. For starters, it’s a great way to share your expertise with others and help them to improve their skills.

It’s also a great way to earn some extra income, as many instructors make a substantial living from their courses.

And of course, it’s also a great way to meet new people and make new friends. If you’re thinking about becoming an instructor, pick the right platform and start sharing your knowledge today.

Write and Sell an eBook

create and sell a ebook

If you’ve been putting off writing a book for years, self-publishing an eBook could be the perfect opportunity.

These days, anyone can publish a book, and it is possible to make a living from it. However, the barrier to entry is relatively low, so you’ll need to write a great eBook to stand out from the competition.

To satisfy readers’ expectations, your eBook should be well-written and informative. It’s also important to promote your book effectively. Luckily, there are plenty of digital marketing tools and platforms that can help you reach your target audience. With a little hard work and dedication, you can make your eBook a success.

When it comes to selling an eBook, targeting a specific market is key. Rather than trying to reach everyone and anyone, focusing on a specific group of people allows you to better connect with your audience and tailor your messaging accordingly.

For example, if you’re writing a book on organic gardening, you might want to target individuals who are passionate about the environment or have an interest in sustainable living practices.

You could also target experienced gardeners or those who are just beginning their gardening journey.

By doing your research and identifying your ideal buyer persona, you can create a marketing strategy that will help you build brand awareness and ultimately drive sales.

So when it comes to selling your eBook, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and go after your ideal market!

Sell Stuff on Amazon FBA

sell on amazon fba

Amazon is one of the largest and most well-established online retailers, offering customers a huge selection of products at great prices. As an eCommerce store owner, Amazon’s platform can be a powerful tool for your business.

Not only is it incredibly cost-effective to use their fulfillment services for shipping your products, but it also allows you to provide excellent customer service by responding quickly and efficiently to any queries or issues that arise.

One effective approach for using Amazon’s platform to power your eCommerce store is to look for products that are selling well on the site.

By identifying popular items in your niche, you can then find cheaper and more affordable versions that you can rebrand and resell.

The selling process on Amazon couldn’t be easier – simply send your items to their fulfillment center for storage until orders come in, then they will handle all aspects of fulfilling the order and shipping it directly to the customer.

With this simple yet effective strategy, you can take full advantage of all that Amazon has to offer as both a retailer and a marketplace!

What to Sell to Make Money on Amazon FBA

When it comes to selling items online, it is important to consider what buyers are looking for. In general, customers on Amazon are looking for products that are of decent quality but are sold at a low price.

Therefore, it is usually not a good idea to sell well-known brand-name products, as these will be more expensive and may not be seen as a good value. Instead, try to find similar products that are not as well-known but offer similar features.

You can also list your items under your own name rather than the brand name, which can help them to stand out from the competition.

Finally, try to add something extra that other sellers don’t have, such as free shipping or a satisfaction guarantee. By taking these steps, you can increase the chances of your items selling quickly and at a good price.

Buy and Sell Domain Names

buy and sell domain names

Domain names are one of the most valuable commodities in the tech world today. With billions of websites online, businesses and individuals are constantly on the hunt for quality domains that they can use to boost their online presence.

While domain names don’t generally sell for millions of dollars, it is possible to make a substantial profit if you find a good one that’s up for sale.

Building a top-quality portfolio takes considerable time and effort, but this is ultimately what determines how much you will earn in the long run.

In order to succeed in this competitive market, you must have an eye for predicting which domains will be profitable down the line and be prepared to put in the necessary work to build your portfolio up over time.

So if you’re ready to stake your claim as a top domain name dealer, get out there and start hunting! The payoff could be huge.

Another option for domain names is to purchase some that are already high profile and wait for their value to increase. This can be done with tools such as Just Dropped, Namecheap, Flippa, and GoDaddy.

Once the domain has been purchased, it can be relisted and sold to someone for a profit. However, it is important to note that there is no guarantee that the value of the domain will increase or that someone will be interested in purchasing it.

Therefore, this option should be considered carefully before moving forward.


real ways to make money online freelance

Being your own boss definitely has its advantages. You get to set your own hours, work from home, and choose the projects you want to work on. But it also comes with a lot of responsibility.

When you’re a freelancer, you have to be self-motivated and organized in order to find clients and get the work done. There’s no one else to hold you accountable or give you deadlines, so it can be easy to get sidetracked or Procrastinate.

Plus, you have to be comfortable with selling yourself and your services. It can be tough to put yourself out there, but it’s necessary if you want to succeed as a freelancer. With all that said, there is still a great demand for freelancers.

Many businesses are looking for talented individuals who can work remotely and on a flexible schedule. So if you have a skill set that is in demand, there’s a good chance you can find success as a freelancer.

Having a successful freelance career requires more than just talent. There are a variety of specific skills you need to learn in order to be successful. Marketing and pitching are essential in order to find clients and build your business.

Once you have clients, you need to know how to provide support and solve any problems that arise. Additionally, time management and budgeting are key to keeping your business running smoothly.

With so much competition in the freelancing world, it is also important to have a strategy for standing out from the rest. Luckily, there are plenty of online resources to help you learn the ropes and develop the skills you need to be successful.

Web Development

real ways to make money online web development

With the rapid growth of technology and the internet, there has been an increasing demand for websites and other digital platforms. As a result, there has also been an influx of jobs that revolve around website development and maintenance.

These positions lend themselves particularly well to remote workers, as they only require knowledge, a computer, and a strong internet connection to be successful.

And the most popular jobs in this field are typified by their titles: front-end developing entails working on the visual elements and layout of a site, back-end developing involves building out its architecture or analytical capability, and ultimately full-stack development incorporates both areas as a cohesive whole.

Whether you’re looking to get started in this exciting field or already working in it, there is no doubt that website development is one of today’s most dynamic and lucrative tech careers.



Professional writers are highly sought after for their ability to provide quality content that promotes their client’s business while also helping them stay relevant.

How much money a professional writer makes often depends on both the niche they choose and the skillset they possess.

However, those who have mastered the art of writing can easily command a high salary by providing clients with quality content that helps them achieve their desired results. In today’s business world, an effective website is essential for promoting and selling products or services.

A professional writer can help create such a website by writing engaging content that showcases their client’s business in the best light possible.

Furthermore, a professional writer can also help to ensure that a website stays updated and relevant by regularly adding new content. As a result, professional writers are highly sought-after individuals who can play a vital role in the success of a business.

Graphic Design

real ways to make money online- graphic design

As a graphic designer, you have the unique opportunity to help shape the way businesses and organizations communicate with their audiences. Through your work, you can convey messages that are both visually compelling and intellectually stimulating.

In order to be successful in this field, however, you need more than just creativity and technical skills. You also need to be able to effectively pitch your ideas to clients, manage projects, and set competitive rates.

Luckily, there are a number of ways to gain these essential skills. Consider taking certified courses or watching tutorials on project management and pricing strategies.

By developing a well-rounded skill set, you’ll be able to position yourself as a top-tier graphic designer who is ready to take on any challenge.

Digital Marketing

real ways to make money online digital marketing

A career in digital marketing can be both rewarding and challenging. If you have a creative mind and are interested in staying up-to-date with the latest trends, then this might be the industry for you.

Digital marketing plays a critical role in helping industries and brands stay relevant. As a result, there is a lot of work available – even for beginners. Social media posts and banners are smaller projects that can help you get your foot in the door.

Once you’ve built up your experience, you can opt for more complex projects that require you to create a brand identity or manage a marketing campaign on social media. With hard work and dedication, a career in digital marketing can be very fulfilling.

Virtual Assistance

virtual assistant

One of the most popular trends in the modern workplace is the hiring of remote workers. This practice has become increasingly commonplace as businesses strive to save money and increase efficiency.

There are many advantages to hiring remote workers, including the ability to tap into a global pool of talent, increased flexibility, and reduced overhead costs. However, there are also some challenges associated with this type of work arrangement.

For example, it can be difficult to manage a team of remote workers spread out across different time zones. Furthermore, there is always the risk that sensitive company information could be leaked if proper security protocols are not in place.

Despite these challenges, remote work is here to stay, and businesses that embrace this trend will be well-positioned for success in the years to come.



In today’s age, it’s no secret that visuals are king. With the advent of social media, the importance of aesthetics has only grown. People are drawn to beautiful things, which is why the advertising industry has placed such an emphasis on visuals in recent years.

While it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes those words can be difficult to come by. That’s where photographers come in. A good photographer can make even the most ordinary subject look beautiful.

And as the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In other words, there will always be a market for well-crafted photographs. So if you’re a photographer, don’t limit yourself to weddings and events.

There are many other opportunities out there for you to explore. Who knows? You might just find your niche.

Teach English as a Virtual Tutor

teach english

Yes, it is possible to teach English as a virtual tutor without any experience. However, you must first be a fluent English speaker with a high level of proficiency in the language.

As demand for online English instruction has skyrocketed in recent years, online platforms and schools have emerged at an astonishing pace. While many do require at least a bachelor’s degree, some do not.

In any case, TEFL or ESL certification is essential for anyone wishing to teach English online. With this training and a strong command of the language, you can help to meet the ever-growing global demand for quality English education.

So if you want to make a real difference in the world while also earning an income, teaching English online could be just the right fit for you!

Do Micro-Jobs on Amazon Mechanical Turk

micro jobs

Micro-jobs often referred to as HITs or Human Intelligence Tasks, are simple tasks that can be completed for very small sums of money. These tasks may involve anything from reviewing online content to categorizing product listings on an e-commerce site.

While these jobs may not seem like much, they can provide a useful source of income for people looking to earn some extra money on the side.

The online platform Amazon Mechanical Turk is one of the most popular places to find micro-jobs, and it works by connecting requesters with a large pool of workers who are ready and able to complete these tasks.

Whether you’re just starting out with micro-jobs or have been working in this field for years, there are plenty of opportunities to get started on Amazon Mechanical Turk today!

Online Coaching

online coaching

When done correctly, starting a coaching program can be a very lucrative business venture. Online coaching in particular has a number of benefits, chief among them being the potential to generate significant revenue in a relatively short period of time.

This is largely due to the fact that people are often willing to pay premium prices for personalized attention and guidance. That said, it is important to take the time to research your target market and ensure that your program meets their specific needs.

Moreover, efforts should be made to encourage clients to spread the word about your business; positive word-of-mouth can be extremely valuable in driving new business. By taking these steps, you can set your coaching program up for long-term success.

In recent years, a new type of coaching business has emerged, one that is highly scalable and effective. These coaching platforms provide a way for coaches to launch a business without compromising on quality or results.

The key to this model is its focus on building a system that can be replicated and used by multiple clients. This system enables coaches to work with more clients without sacrificing quality or results.

In addition, the platform provides a way for coaches to track progress and ensure that each client is getting the most out of their coaching experience.

As more people look for ways to improve their lives, these coaching platforms will continue to grow in popularity. And as more coaches adopt this model, they will be able to reach more people and help them achieve their goals.

Online Consultant

Online Consultant

When it comes to achieving success in today’s fast-paced world, many people and businesses rely on the help of consultants.

Whether they are looking to grow their business or overcome a specific challenge, these individuals and organizations often reach out to experts for guidance and support.

And in today’s increasingly connected world, many of these consultations now take place online rather than in person.

As a virtual consultant, you could offer a diverse range of services to your clients. Perhaps you specialize in marketing or social media management, helping clients achieve their marketing goals through effective online strategies.

Or perhaps you focus on providing career coaching or recruiting assistance, partnering with job seekers to land the perfect role. Whatever your area of expertise maybe, you have the skills and experience necessary to make it successful online.

So if you want a versatile and rewarding career that allows you to work from anywhere, becoming a virtual consultant may be the perfect choice for you.

With the right skills and research into emerging trends in your chosen field, there will always be people who need your expertise – and who are willing to pay for it!

Make Money with Online Surveys

Online Surveys

Taking online surveys might not make you rich, but it is a relatively easy way to earn some extra cash or prizes. You can do this job in your spare time, without having to learn many new skills. Most online survey sites require little or no skill or education.

While some survey websites pay more than you might expect, don’t count on your earnings being in anything more than double figures.

To get started, you’ll need to sign up at an online survey site and provide certain information, including your interests and background. Once you’re registered, you’ll start receiving invitations to participate in surveys.

Each survey will have different requirements and may take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour to complete.

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money in your spare time, taking online surveys is worth considering. While you won’t get rich quickly, you can earn some extra cash or prizes with minimal effort.


Wrapping Up

The possibilities for making money online are endless. You can start with little or no investment, and there is something for everyone.

Whether you want to make a few extra bucks as a sideline, escape your 9 to 5, or start your own business, the opportunities are out there waiting for you. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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