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This Slingly review is for everyone who’s struggling with their eCommerce businesses.

We know,

E-commerce entrepreneurs often struggle to get their products through multiple sales channels.

I know this is a problem because it’s the same one we faced when starting out. We wanted an easy way to create professional-looking product lines in minutes with 1 click capabilities to load our products onto various sales platforms in seconds.

Slingly solves all these problems and even handles fulfilling your items at profitable margins for you!

Slingly Review – What Is It?

Slingly is a one-stop shop for creating your online store and managing all of its inventory across multiple platforms.

My Honest Slingly Review

With Slingly, you can create beautiful product pages that are optimized for SEO and convert better than any other solution on the market today.

It integrates with Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, and Groove Kart so that you can easily list your products across ALL of your favorite sales channels without having to do ANYTHING else!

And if you want more control over how your listings look or need access to advanced features like bulk importing/exporting or inventory management? No problem – Slingly Pro lets you do all of this AND MORE!

The Man Behind Slingly:

Ricky Mataka is an entrepreneur and 7-figure earner who has helped many people change their lives through his presentations.

Man Behind Slingly:

He is the founder of Slingly, Sniffly, eCom Hacks Academy, Model Builders Academy, Video Visitors Siphon, and different high-quality products.

Ricky’s experiences are an example of what can be achieved when you take action. His high-scale group has 7000+ members that look up to him as a mentor, friend, and advisor who provides proven strategies for those following in his footsteps!

Slingly Customers Testimonials:

Slingly Customers Testimonials
Slingly Customer Testimonials

Who Needs Slingly Pro?

Slingly Pro is the perfect all-in-one eCommerce solution for anyone who wants to make money from their eCommerce store. For example:

  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Newbies
  • Product Creators
  • eCommerce Owners
  • Marketers

It can help you in these three ways: earning passive income, building your own business from scratch, or improving an existing one by adding new features!

Main Features: Slingly Reviews

1. Large Selection Of Premade Product Catalog

You don’t have to worry about manually sourcing or arbitraging products anymore!

With Slingly’s ecom store, you can choose from a huge selection of both print-on-demand and physical goods with just one click.

And the best part?

It takes care of all processes so you don’t have to do manual labor like before ever again.

2. Multiple Ecom Stores Can Be Managed Easily

It’s never been easier to get your own eCommerce store up and running!

Multiple Ecom Stores Can Be Managed Easily

Slingly makes it 100% pain-free and easier than ever before to connect, Manage, Sell or Operate multiple eCommerce stores all at once. With their powerful platform, you can run your online business with ease!

3. Powerful Software

With Slingly, you can deploy new products in SECONDS. This is the most powerful and effortless eCommerce automation software ever to hit the market!

Plus you’ll get access to a team of E-Com Store Admins for the store’s update or maintenance without any need for programming expertise.

The best aspect is that Slingly PRO does not require any coding or technical knowledge. With Slingly, you’ll never have to worry about not knowing how a program works. They made it user-friendly and simple for the average person like yourself!

That’s why their professionals will set up your store FOR YOU, ensuring that you get off to a good start. Furthermore, their support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your queries and provide any assistance you may require when using Slingly.

4. eCommerce Automation

Slingly allows you to instantly generate product lists and CSV data so that when it comes time for your store to grow or be profited from again there will never really be any surprises.

The best part about using this automation feature of Slingly eCommerce?

You can track performance in real-time by easily seeing how successful each individual listing was at generating revenue – no more guessing which products are doing well!

There are literally hundreds of products to which you may upload your designs within a single click such as:

Mugs, Hoodies, Sneakers, Apparel, Canvas Art, Water Bottles, Beer Can Wraps, Jewelry, Children’s Clothes, and More!

5. Over 20,000+ Quality Designs Available.

Slingly has been creating professional designs in a variety of industries for over 4 years. This also includes the advertisements that have made students thousands of dollars in the past.

slingly Over 20,000+ Quality Designs Available

You can even take an existing design and turn it into your own product line. So, if you like one of the designs, you can push a button and use it to make MORE products!!

6. Exceptional Industry Training

Over 5 boot camps with industry professionals have been held by Slingly Academy. Slingly Academy is included in the PRO version if you purchase this deal right now. Some of these boot camps have earned our students tens of thousands of dollars.

Slingly Pro Pricing Plans:

Slingly Pro is designed to meet the needs of every business.

Slingly Pro Pricing Plans

Whether you’re launching a startup or growing your company, Slingly’s flexible pricing and easy-to-use features make it accessible for anyone who wants an efficient eCommerce platform that can be tailored specifically around their unique enterprise goals!

Slingly Pro is offering a one-time payment of $697 that you can enjoy for the rest of your life!

It also offers an installment payment plan where you can buy Slingly Pro by making 3 monthly payments of $299.

Bonuses You Get With Slingly Pro:

Ricky’s Cashflow Framework

slingly Ricky’s Cashflow Framework

Ricky will teach you how he consistently makes multiple six-figure incomes in this training. He’ll teach you everything from basic to advanced marketing methods that you can apply to cash flow in 2023!

This program is ideal for you if you’re serious about bringing your present business to the next level!

Traffic Flow Framework Training

slingly Traffic Flow Framework Training

There are a lot of people who struggle with traffic, but if you know how it works and has the right strategies to make money online then I’m confident that Ricky can show your what needs to be done.

Ricky has been running Facebook traffic for multiple six figures in years – he’s prepared to show exactly how simple his method can be!

Dominate Social Media

The battle is on. Ricky Mataka and Nishant Bhardwaj will teach you how to dominate the Social Media Marketing realm with a live presentation that fits any business model!

slingly Dominate Social Media

How To Use Slingly Pro?

How To Use Slingly Pro

The Slingly Pro Premium Product Catalog is like a treasure trove of cool and interesting products for you to sell.

There are 18,000 designs from across multiple categories including mugs, and hoodie bags that can be available with just one click!

How You Can Add Products To Your Ecom Store

With the Slingly eCommerce platform, you can create a store that is completely unique. You have the option of adding any design to your products and creating an entire store around it!

You can customize your design and view every product with the same look by checking this box.

How You Can Add Products To Your Ecom Store step1

If you’d like to add a product to your eCom store, you can do so by selecting the platform, shop name, collection, and product variant from the drop-down menus, and then entering the price you’d want to sell it for. Simply press the ‘+ store’ button when you’re finished.

How You Can Add Products To Your Ecom Store step2

After that, select ‘View as Admin’ to see the site in administrator mode:

How You Can Add Products To Your Ecom Store step3

Inside Slingly, you can customize your product information to match how it looks on the e-commerce store. You’ll be able to view this in real-time and make any changes that need updating without having to go back into individual pages!

How You Can Add Products To Your Ecom Store step4

On Shopify, it looks like this:

How You Can Add Products To Your Ecom Store step5

To add a product to Amazon, simply follow the same steps, and this is how it appears on Amazon:

How You Can Add Products To Your Ecom Store step6

The process of adding products to your Etsy store is identical, but note that you’ll need to pay $0.2 per live listing on the website in order for it to show up and be visible; if not desired or necessary – select draft instead where there are no charges once made available through manual activation:

How You Can Add Products To Your Ecom Store step7

When your product is up on Etsy, it will appear like this:

How You Can Add Products To Your Ecom Store step8

If you’re happy with it, go ahead and click ‘Save.’

In addition to the products you can sell on your eCommerce store, there is also a premium print catalog that includes all kinds of printed items.

The design will periodically be updated so customers are always able to find new and beautiful patterns for sale in this section as well!

How You Can Add Products To Your Ecom Store step9

How To Get Product Mock-up Designs For Ads

Click on ‘More Products’ if you want mock-up designs for your adverts.

How To Get Product Mock-up Designs For Ads steps 1

Then select ‘Assets’:

How To Get Product Mock-up Designs For Ads steps 2

You’ll be able to get professionally made mock-up photos for the product you’ve chosen and use them in your adverts after that.

How To Get Product Mock-up Designs For Ads steps 3

How To Create Your Own Pod Products

Select ‘POD Catalog’ from the drop-down menu:

How To Create Your Own Pod Products step 1

Then select ‘Create New Product’ from the drop-down menu:

How To Create Your Own Pod Products step 2

Start designing your very own product with Slingly easy-to-use design tools. They have all of the options you need to get started including choosing a type, uploading an image or drawing, and adding some text!

How To Create Your Own Pod Products step 3

When you’re finished uploading your design, just click on ‘Create Product” in the upper right corner and choose different variations of products to sell with it. It’s that simple!

How To Create Your Own Pod Products step 4

Once you find a product with your design in the catalog and add it to an eCommerce store, we will be able to track its performance.

How To Add Other Type Of Product With The Same Design

For those who want to take their creativity up a notch, there’s an easy way. Click on “Create Product” and it will create the mug with your design in just seconds!

How To Add Other Type Of Product With The Same Design step1

Your shirt has turned into a gorgeous mug! Now you can easily find the beautiful design and add it to your eCommerce store just like I mentioned before.

Then select the product type and click ‘Create product’:

How To Add Other Type Of Product With The Same Design step2

Get your product on the leading eCommerce site and learn how to drive traffic using Ricky’s top-notch methods. You can then earn profits with no hassle, just like a pro!

What Are My Favorite Features Of Slingly Pro?

The very first feature I like is that I can fill my store with products and start selling fast. With no inventory costs, you can fill up the room in just a few days!
With a single click, I can add new print-on-demand and physical products in 1 click.
Slingly offers high-quality eCom training from successful 6-figure and 7-figure eCom store owners, it literally took my business to the next level.
You’ll never have to lift a finger to fulfill an order from your eCom store with auto-fulfillment.

What Is It About Slingly Pro That I Dislike?

I do not find any major cons with Slingly, however, the pricing may be slightly higher for some newbies. However, it’s worth spending on it. For this instance, they’re offering an installment plan as well.

What Makes Slingly Pro Different from Other Competitors?

1. Easy Integration

Slingly is a platform where marketers and business owners can get in and start selling with over-the-shoulder guidance from week one. It’s as simple of an interface as you could ask for!

singly Easy Integration

You’ll be able to import all designs into Shopify, Amazon, ETSY, Gear Bubble, and Groove Kart without any problem because it has been designed specifically so every customer will feel comfortable using this service no matter what store they own.

It can turn business owners into power-sellers, giving them all opportunities in managing inventory and creating products on demand through this system as well!

2. Automatically Create As Many Products As You Want

With the help of Slingly, your business can run on autopilot and you’ll have more time for other important tasks.

For example, Slingy Pro comes with a built-in catalog of best-selling products, and all you have to do is click to add them all to your store.

3. Store And Facebook Ads are Created Automatically

With Slingy Pro, you can save a lot of time and get high-converting Facebook ad images done for free. It means that with just one click these beautiful photos will be automatically updated in your promotional campaign so there’s no need to worry about anything!

Why I Use Slingly? (Main Reasons)

1. Automation

  • Print-On-Demand: There are thousands of premade designs for t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, bags, pillows, and more which I can modify and use in 1 click. If you’re looking for a T-shirt design maker, you can check out here.
  • Product Catalogs: It is the only tool that comes with physical product catalogs that are already done for you so you can start selling anything in any area right immediately.
  • 1-Click Sourcing: With only one click, you can source and deploy products from Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress.
  • Set up auto-fulfillment: you can automate products so that you never have to touch a product again – just start selling.

2. Store management

  • Customized Store: Slingly helps you to design your store using their $8000 Shopify theme and auto-generated mockups so you can start selling right away.
  • Multi-Store Manager: With the click of a button, you can effortlessly manage as many stores as you like and produce spreadsheets for each.
  • Run an ECommerce Agency: Using Slingly to run your own eCom agency or manage storefronts for clients is a simple way to generate a second large income stream.

3. Targeting

  • Slingly creates Facebook-approved ad images that have a high conversion rate for all of your campaigns.
  • You don’t need to do any study to begin selling to all of the hottest niches for any product right immediately.
  • You’ll get Slingly’s highest-converting Facebook ads worth $200K, you can use them in your targeting library.

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FAQs On Slingly Review:

How much does it cost to use Slingly Pro?

Slingly is usually $99 per month. However, if you use our link, you can acquire Slingly Pro with all of the features for only $697 for a limited time.

For a short period, you’ll also enjoy Slingly Academy 7 Figure training and educational videos.

Is there any Facebook Ads training available?

YES! They’ve received extensive training in the use of Facebook Ads.

You’ll also get all of the pre-approved Facebook Ad images with Slingly, which you may use in your own advertisements. Additionally, you will have access to the Facebook Ad Targeting Library.

I’ve never sold Print-on-Demand or physical products before. Can I still join Slingly?

This is a perfect opportunity for those just getting started in the industry or who have been using different systems before.

By utilizing Slingly, you will be able to save yourself time and money by eliminating other platforms that may not work well with your business goals!

Is there a Facebook group or community where I can learn more about Slingly?

With a large Facebook Group and for Slingly customers, you’ll be able to connect with like-minded eCommerce store owners and entrepreneurs. You can ask questions or learn from the 6 – 7 figure success stories in this exclusive group!

I’m not very tech-savvy, so should I still sign up with Slingly?

Slingly has been designed to help non-techies get the most out of their technology. With a friendly user interface and 24/7 support team, you’ll be able to use Slingly like an expert in no time!

How do reach out to Slingly in case of technical problems?

Slingly offers a world-class support team working around the clock to make sure you get the most out of Slingly.

You can contact them by simply emailing [email protected] At any time or asking questions in the Facebook Group for those who want an answer straight away without waiting on hold!

How do I use Slingly if I don’t have a Shopify account?

Shopify is an advanced e-commerce platform that helps you to seamlessly integrate your online store with all the major selling platforms.

It’s free to sign up for an Etsy account, but if you want more features like product reviews and customized pages then Shopify might be worth checking out!

Is it possible to use Slingly outside of the US?

Slingly is one of the most successful online retailers, catering to customers from all over the world.

They sell on various platforms and have a wide reach with their best sellers living in South Africa as well as other areas around the globe like the Philippines or India.

Selling anything through slingly will help you be flexible no matter where you live!

Is there any tutorial for Slingly available?

YES! If you’re a beginner, they’ve got training for your total eCommerce needs.

No matter if it’s selling on Amazon or running other businesses like Facebook Ads and Instagram ads – their library is vast and will teach anyone how to succeed in digital marketing as we know it today.

Will I be able to upgrade in the future?

Of course! As a Slingly pro user, you will get access to future upgrades and integrations as they add them into the system.

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