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Instagram has come a long way since it was first introduced in 2010. What started out as a simple photo-sharing app has now evolved into a powerful platform with over one billion monthly active users. In recent years,

Instagram has made significant strides in supporting creators and influencers. With the introduction of fundraising tools and shoppable feeds, Instagram is making it easier for users to monetize their content and drive traffic to their websites.

The platform also continues to experiment with new features, such as Remix Reels and Collab Reels, that add value for users. As Instagram continues to evolve, it is clear that the company is committed to providing a best-in-class experience for its users.

Instagram is estimated to have 1.2 billion monthly active users by 2023.

Over 815 million people used Instagram to post content every month in 2019. By the year 2023, this figure should have risen to 1.2 billion monthly users.

(, a reliable online resource)

As of October 2021, India had more than 201 million Instagram users.

In 2021, India will have the most Instagram users, followed by the United States and Brazil, according to current figures. By the end of October 2021, India had more than 201 million users, the United States had more than 157 million, and Brazil had just over 115 million people.

(, a reliable online resource)

As of October 2021, 32 percent of the global Instagram readership was between the ages of 25 and 34.

More than a third of Instagram’s global audience members are between the ages of 25 and 34. Over two-thirds of Instagram users worldwide are under the age of 34, according to the same numbers.

(, a reliable online resource)

As of June 2021, the most liked Instagram post had 55.1 million likes.

The account @world record egg has the most likes on Instagram as of June 2021, with a snapshot of an egg as the most popular post. More than 55.1 million people liked the photograph. With 26.3 million likes, Ariana Grande’s wedding images are the second most popular post.

(, a reliable online resource)

In the United States, 47% of Instagram users earn more than $75,000 a year.

47 percent of Instagram users in the United States earn more than $75,000 a year, according to recent surveys.

(The Pew Research Center conducts the research.)

With over 369 million followers as of July 2021, Instagram’s account is the most popular on the planet.

With 369 million followers, Instagram is the most popular Instagram account in the world in 2021. Christiano Ronaldo, a well-known footballer, has approximately 244 million followers on Instagram. (, a reliable online resource)

Instagram’s ad income in the United States is expected to climb by 52% by 2020.

Instagram’s ad income is predicted to expand by 52% in the United States, according to a recent prediction. That’s more than half of Facebook’s net ad sales for the year 2021.

( is a good place to start)

With a 3.19 percent rise in Instagram interaction, higher education now has the highest engagement rate/post on the platform.

Despite a 25% drop in Instagram engagement rates in 2021, industries such as Sports Teams and Higher Education were still able to maintain their position at the top of the list. In comparison to Sports Teams, Higher Education witnessed a 3.19 percent boost in engagement/posts. Instagram’s global median posting frequency decreased by 8% across all industries.

( reports that)

Among all countries in 2021, Kazakhstan had the largest Instagram reach (78.7 percent).

In the year 2021, the following nations had the largest Instagram reach:

In Kazakhstan, the figure is 78%
More than two-thirds of the population of Brunei
65.5% for Iceland
Sixty-six percent
Sixty-seven percent

List of the top ten nations with the most Instagram followers

(, a reliable online resource)

Instagram is used by around 68 percent of internet users to connect with businesses.

In order to connect with well-known content providers, 68% of those who have internet access use Instagram. Branded Content advertising is only one of the many capabilities available on the platform that can be quite beneficial to modern businesses.

Today’s brands can use the voices of their creators to reach a broader audience, enter new markets, and track how well they’re doing.


In 2021, Instagram had 200 million active business accounts.

In the year 2021, Instagram will have over 200 million daily active business accounts. Ninety percent of platform users, according to the same study, are committed to following at least one brand.

(According to,

12 percent of Instagram users utilize it as a digital marketing hub for finding out about new goods and services.

Brand familiarity, image, and awareness can be greatly enhanced through the use of social media marketing. Because of this, Instagram has quickly risen to the top of the digital marketing food chain for modern companies.

Many Instagram users claim the platform helps them discover new products and services, according to recent surveys. According to the study, 74% of Instagram users believe that businesses with Instagram accounts are authoritative.

(According to, a financial website)

Instagram advertising accounts for over a quarter of all firms’ marketing budgets.

Ads on social media cost a lot of money for businesses. 50 percent of companies’ marketing expenses go to social media ads, with 29 percent going to Instagram ads, according to the latest statistics.

(, as a source)

60% of modern shoppers rely on Instagram to discover new products.

For the most part, today’s consumers find out about new products and services through social media. 60% of Instagram users use it to discover new products.

(According to,

On any given day, 200 million Instagram users check out at least one company account.

Over 200 million people view at least one company page on Instagram daily according to recent surveys. Over two-thirds of Instagram users use the app to find new products to buy.

Influencers are also big fans of the photo-sharing app. Nearly seventy percent of firms rely on influencers to launch marketing campaigns on the site.

Instagram influencers can earn anywhere from $100 to $3,857 for their services.

67.9% of US companies are expected to use influencer marketing in paid or unpaid initiatives by 2021, according to the most recent predictions. High fees are paid to Instagram influencers who offer their skills to a wide audience. Different services have different prices.

YouTube influencers can expect to earn anywhere from $315 to $3,857 for every video, depending on the number of followers they have. A premium can be paid by brands based on what they are looking to accomplish.

Listed here are the influencer rates around the world:

Facebook post: $100–$2,085
Instagram post: $114–$3,138
YouTube: $43–$721
Instagram story: $315–$3,857
YouTube: $31–$2,400
Facebook post: $100–$2,085

How much money can Instagram influencers make?

( is a good place to start)

Influencer marketing is plagued 50 percent of the time by the identification of phony or inauthentic involvement.

In a study of 162 marketers from B2B, consumer-facing brands, and marketing agencies done in 2019, the following difficulties were identified:

Low content visibility as a result of changes in social media algorithms; Always-on marketing campaigns instead of one-off marketing techniques; Identifying inauthentic involvement.

Making marketing campaign management more time-efficient; developing a strong creative strategy; ensuring brand alignment and brand safety; complying with FTC standards, and tapping into future channels are just a few of the challenges that influencers face.

Influencer marketing is being moved in-house.

( is a good place to start)

Cristiano Ronaldo has the highest-earning Instagram account, earning up to $1 million per post.

The highest-earning Instagram accounts in 2019 were discovered through a study that ranked celebrities according to their annual average revenue on the social media platform. Cristiano Ronaldo’s profile, which has 187 million followers, won first prize.

A single post on his profile can cost businesses as much as $1 million. In the second place, with an annual salary of $23.3 million, is Lionel Messi. With an annual income of $15.9 million, Kendall Jenner ranks third on the list.

(According to,)

Over half of all Instagram users utilize the Explore feature at least once a month.

There has been a lot of interest in the Explore page in recent years. More than half of all Instagram users use this feature to find new accounts to follow and fascinating things to look at on the platform. If you’re a brand looking to get more exposure and visibility, this is a great choice for you. Marketers frequently make advantage of the Explore function to gain new customers…

(According to,

If you include a location in your Instagram posts, you’ll see a 79 percent increase in interaction.

Including a location in an Instagram post has been shown to significantly enhance both reach and interaction with the post. As many as 79 percent more people engage with geotagged posts compared to posts that are not geotagged.

There are two types of locations on Instagram: the location of an actual company or a specific geographic region. If it’s a business profile, geotagging a place in an Instagram post can greatly increase user engagement and lead to increased traffic and sales.

( is the source for this information.)

Photos with people in them have a greater audience reach and receive 38% more likes.

Posting images with people in them can garner up to 38% more comments and likes than posting photos without people in them. It has been found that photographs containing faces garner 32 percent more comments and considerably improve user interaction on the network, according to Hashtagsforlikes.


Including at least one hashtag in your Instagram posts can increase engagement by 13%.

Instagram has a plethora of tools and alternatives at its disposal for enhancing user interaction. Using one or more hashtags in a post can increase user interaction by as much as 12.6 percent, according to a study. Hashtags are one of the best strategies to boost Instagram engagement.

If you want to get your material in front of the right people, you need to employ hashtags. Businesses utilize hashtags as search filters to increase their search results on the Explore page. In addition, Instagram users can choose from a variety of suggested content.

In terms of usage, some of the most popular hashtags are: #love #design #instagood #interiordesign #fashion #inspiration #style #art #smallbusiness #shoplocal #shoplocal


Instagram posts with 11 hashtags get 79 percent of the interactions they deserve for every thousand followers.

Interactions on Instagram are a great way for users to gauge how interesting their posts are to other people. For every post they make on the platform, the number of interactions per 1,000 followers is displayed in the description.

A lot of companies rely on Instagram interactions to gauge the impact of a post and its success over a specific period of time.

Interaction rates for posts without hashtags are as low as 18 percent per 1,000 followers, while engagement rates for posts with 11 hashtags are as high as 79.5 percent.

(According to

Instagram carousels had the greatest average user engagement rate of 1.9 percent, according to a recent study.

Carousel is the Instagram platform’s king of content, offering a wide range of commercial options to several brands. Carousels are a frequent way for brands to increase the number of impressions they get by attracting customers who might otherwise be disinterested.

Re-targeting viewers who didn’t engage with your content immediately away can be done by using Instagram carousels. Carousel posts had the highest engagement rate of 1.94 percent, followed by pictures (1.74 percent) and video posts (1.42 percent), according to the most recent research (1.45 percent).

( reports that)

Leading brands receive 50% of all comments in the first 19 hours and 10% more comments in the following 19 days.

In less than three hours, Instagram posts with half the average engagement garner 50% of user comments. Top-performing articles tend to peak later and have more than double the average number of users engaging with them. In order to score half of the total comments, it takes them more than 19 hours.

The most popular brands typically take 19 hours to garner half of all comments. In the next 19 days, they’ll be able to garner an additional 10% in remarks. Top brands’ articles receive an average of 225 comments. 50% of comments are made during the first 10 hours, and 69% are made within the first two days.


A whopping 27.11% of internet users turn to Instagram to keep up with the newest headlines.

Using Instagram to post visual material is a great way to get your message out there. Images, videos, and stories are the most common types of content shared by users. Instagram users are big fans of photos with captions.

More than one in ten internet users view Instagram as a reliable source of news, according to a Reuters study. For the most up-to-date news, 13 percent of internet users browse both Instagram and Twitter

When it comes to politics, Reuters Institute for Politics at Oxford University has a lot to say.

In the last year, Instagram ads reached 20% more users.

A recent study from Instagram’s self-service advertising tool revealed that Instagram advertisers increased their reach by 20.3 percent over the past year.

With an advertising audience of 1.393 billion users in October 2021, Instagram will become the most popular social media network on Earth. Advertisers on Instagram now have access to an additional 235 million people.

( is the source for this information.)

Businesses with fewer than 10K Instagram followers had the highest engagement rate (1.1 percent).

According to Locowise’s most recent figures, businesses’ Instagram posts receive an average interaction rate of 24%. Businesses with less than 10,000 followers were found to post the most engaging content, according to their analysis. Businesses with 10K-100K followers had an engagement rate of 0.93 percent, while companies with more than 100K followers had an engagement rate of 0.76 percent.

(, cited)

The greatest time to post on Instagram is between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Tuesdays.

According to Instagram’s global engagement data, the following times are ideal for posting:

The best hours are from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesdays (Monday through Friday).

When it comes to the best day of the week, it’s Tuesday

The most miserable day of the week is Sunday.

The optimum time to enhance user engagement is at night and on the weekends. The greatest times to post on Instagram for businesses trying to improve their marketing approach are based on these ideal times to post.

( is the source for this information.)


As far as social media platforms go, Instagram has been a frontrunner year after year. The platform has quickly risen to the top of the web’s popularity rankings. Advertisers, influencers, marketers, and companies of all sizes rely on the platform since it is so well-liked by the general public.

Instagram may help a business generate leads, increase conversions, and increase income if used appropriately. This is only a small sampling of the most critical Instagram statistics relied upon by internet users to improve their actual-world outcomes.


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