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A logo is much more than just a graphical representation of a company name. It is the core identity of a business that people recognize and associate with a particular brand.

Graphic designers understand this and take extra care to design logos that create an impression and convey a brand message. They pay particular attention to the type of logo that can best represent a brand’s personality and identity.

For example, a luxury brand would want a logo that conveys sophistication and prestige, while a fun-loving brand might want something that is playful and youthful.

Ultimately, the goal is to create a logo that people will remember and associate with the brand in a positive way.

  • Brand logos are more memorable after being seen 5–7 times by customers.
  • A logo’s color is critical, and blue is by far the most popular choice.
  • The Coca-Cola logo is instantly recognizable by 90% of the global population.
  • If you’re wondering what the most recognizable logos are, Apple, Coca-Cola, and McDonald’s take the top three spots.
  • Ruth Kedar, who designed Google’s logo, is the best-known logo designer in the world, according to Forbes.
  • Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung rounded out the top five most valuable brands.

Logo & Brand Marketing Statistics

For the most part, logos have a lifespan of around 10 years.
Over two-thirds of toddlers were able to identify the McDonald’s logo in a study conducted in 2010.
A brand’s logo is recognized by 75% of consumers.
60% of consumers will avoid a brand if they find the logo ugly, unappealing, or odd.
The use of a colored logo can boost a company’s brand recognition by as much as 80%.

Costs of Logo Statistics

Businesses of all sizes spend anywhere from $300 to $1300 on their logos, depending on their size.
Only 15% of small businesses are willing to spend more than $1,000 on a logo.
Symantec’s Brand ad Acquisition set a new world record for the most money ever spent on an advertising campaign featuring its logo. Astonishingly, this company spent $1,280,000,000.
The question is whether or not it was worth it. Microsoft, Google, and Coca-Cola have the cheapest logos of any of the world’s billion-dollar companies.
The cost of these logos was zero because the companies did not have to pay for their creation.
Starting at $199, you can get a logo designed by a professional.

Logo and Design Trends

Over nine in ten businesses (95 percent) only use one or two colors in their logos. 
Red and black are the most popular color combinations (39 percent), followed by blue and black (22 percent) and white and black (13 percent) (21 percent ).
A logo can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks to design.
Sans Serif is the most commonly used font style for logos.
There is a large percentage of companies that seek out the best possible logo design from an agency.
More than 300,000 freelancers are available on Upwork to create a logo for your business.
With companies like Skype, Google, and Netflix leading the way, the logo industry is shifting toward more interactive logos. 
To avoid losing their identity, companies are increasingly using “dynamic” logos that can be used on any number of platforms without sacrificing their distinctiveness.

Interesting and Little-Known Facts About Logos

Stella Artois has the honor of being the brand with the oldest logo.
Over 40 awards have been given to the FedEx logo design.
The licensing of Playboy’s logos generates the majority of the company’s revenue.
Instagram is the most frequently searched-for logo in the world, with more than 1.2 million searches per month worldwide.
It takes our visual cortex around 400 milliseconds to process the visual elements of a logo in our brains.
Logos can be abstract, combination marks, mascots, letters, emblems, wordmarks, or pictorial marks. There are only seven types of logos.
Seven different lions have appeared in the MGM Studios mascot since 1917.
Even though it was considered one of the worst logos for the 2007 London Olympics, it cost $625,000.
Carolyn Davidson charged Nike $35 in 1971 for the design of the company’s recognizable crest.
IsStockphoto was used as a free stock image for Twitter’s first-ever logo, which cost $15.
An image can be processed 60,000 times faster than words by the human brain.


A well-designed logo is one of the most important aspects of any company’s branding. It can be a huge help in marketing and customer recognition. As you design your logo, keep in mind the different types of logos and what will work best for your company.

Be sure to also get feedback from others before making a final decision. With a good logo, your business will be able to succeed no matter what industry it’s in.

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