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What Is BuddyBoss Lifetime Deal?

Starting an online business is not a piece of cake, it can be difficult due to factors such as the strong competition in the market and the lack of adequate budget to start your business. You might have a good business model, but the high cost of your products is preventing you from attracting more customers.  

BuddyBoss Lifetime Deal 2020 is a limited offer where you can purchase by paying only a one-time payment. There is no renewal of payments under this lifetime contract.

Why Opt For BuddyBoss Lifetime Deal?

BuddyBoss Lifetime offers to help you save your business as it is a great marketing strategy in which online software companies offer limited advertising to their first customers to gain permanent access to their services at a fixed price.

This promotion might be worth a month, so what you pay now might be what others pay monthly to get the same service. 

You can have many subscribers in no time with these promotions, especially if the promotion deal is advertised on influential platforms. A lifetime deal doesn’t mean you’ll use the service for as long as you live. It just means that you can still get the service from the provider without paying any additional fees.

What is included in BuddyBoss Lifetime Deal?

  • You can start your online platform
  • Complete set of theme and plugin
  • Lifetime license for 1 site
  • Lifelong support
  • Lifelong updates
  • Easy refund option
Buddyboss Lifetime deal


FAQs Related To BuddyBoss Lifetime Deal:

Can I get my money back?

Yes, you will receive a 100% money-back guarantee in the first 14 days of your purchase.

Do I need to pay the renewal fees?

After purchasing a lifetime BuddyBoss license, you no longer have to worry about renewal fees. You will get free support and free updates for the lifetime.

Is BuddyBoss a free platform?

Yes, BuddyPress is open source software i.e., You can install it for free, but if you want a fully functional website, you need to purchase themes and plugins from BuddyBoss.

Can I upgrade my annual license to a lifetime license?

If you currently have an annual license and want to upgrade to a lifetime license, you can get a percentage refund when purchasing an annual license. In that case, you will need to contact technical support to obtain a percentage refund to purchase an annual license after purchasing a lifetime license from BuddyBoss.


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