Convesio Review 2021: Why This Is The Best Managed WordPress Hosting


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Getting started with WordPress Web Hosting is not expensive and with Convesio, you can easily make your website accessible. Best wordpress hosting convesio– Here’s Why?

As we all know, WordPress itself is free and open-source; even the cheapest shared hosting plan usually comes with a one-click WordPress installer that can help blog newbies get their first post ready in under a few minutes.

However, managing a WordPress site will become much more difficult in the future. You’ll have to find your own themes and plugins, let alone update them, as well as WordPress itself.

Blogs are often attacked by malware. That’s why it’s important that you have a way to detect and remove threats and make regular backups to make the broken blog work again.

There’s a long list of hosting companies that offer WordPress plans, but we’ve picked Convesio to point you in the right direction. Whether you’re a beginner or a big business, there’s something here for you, and with prices starting at very reasonable levels, even those with the most limited budget will find something to suit you.

Through this blog, we will unleash the secret to why Convesio is the best WordPress hosting.

Convesio Review
Best Recommended
Convesio WordPress Hosting
What I Liked About Convesio
  • 24/7 Expert Support
  • Speed Optimized- It is Lightening Fast
  • Convesio sites can withstand traffic spikes.
  • Every 1-minute, Convesio monitors every site.
  • Advanced WordPress Security
  • FREE SSL Certificates
  • Free Daily Backups

    Convesio is a high-availability WordPress hosting provider and a game-changer, ensuring the fastest, most secure, and scalable WordPress hosting using Docker containers. In under a minute, you can set up a WordPress site with load balancers, a database cluster, and a redundant file system!

    What is WordPress hosting?

    WordPress is an open-source operating system (CMS) that controls more than 30% of the internet. WordPress makes it easy to create, edit and manage websites for beginners and experts.

    What is WordPress Hosting

    When users choose a professional WordPress hosting provider, they don’t have to invest in efficient and secure server infrastructure, and they can rent it. WordPress hosting is optimized for all types of WordPress website projects and guarantees the best performance, fast download time, and maximum security.

    Created by a community of global developers, the WordPress experience is constantly being improved and refined to provide its users the best performance and performance. This open-source approach has made WordPress the platform of choice for creating and managing websites for new and experienced users around the world.

    So whether you are creating your business website online or starting a blog, WordPress has all the tools and resources to turn your website from an idea into a desired online dream.

    What is Convesio?

    Convesio offers features and tools for creative and digital companies, from high usability to automatic backup and a centralized dashboard to manage all your customer pages in one place.

    Convesio is compatible with all modern browsers and operating systems. Very easy to use and gets millions of visitors every month. Development has also developed a Chrome extension that gives you quick access to various file converters. All these services can be used for free without registration.

    What are the benefits of WordPress site hosting?

    Talking about Convesio, this WordPress hosting makes WordPress faster, easier, and more secure. To maintain a safe and efficient website, you need to update it regularly. WordPress’s managed hosting option makes project execution even more straightforward with automatic updates of plugins, themes, PHP versions, and WordPress.

    Convesio can make the work easy for most users who are professional clients such as developers, designers, and agencies with higher performance requirements – it offers the fastest possible installation on a dedicated cloud infrastructure.

    Best wordpress hosting convesio: Powerpacked Features:- 

    Automatic Backup

    Convesio Backups Your Website Daily

    You can easily configure security options for a website, and other functions are fully automated.

    Speedy Caching 

    Convesio’s own cache system prevents you from requiring an external cache. It will also help with saving space from unnecessary storage and increased CPU usage.

    Convesio powerful caching

    When you create your website in Convesio from their managed WordPress hosting, you’re free of the need for extra storage or computing. It is helpful because it reduces storage time and CPU usage during the installation process.

    Monitor Security

    Their services allow you to track and find security holes, and they also provide a variety of security features to handle code, settings, and surrounding variables to avoid problems.

    Self Healing

    If in any situation your site remains offline, Convesio will immediately provision your cartridge using a self-healing architecture. These are important functions for websites to handle more traffic.

    This type of feature is not available on most of the existing websites, but Convesio is considered the best WordPress hosting, which is great.

    24/7 Customer Support Team

    Convesio makes sure your site always works. The dedicated staff is available 24 hours a day to assist you as quickly as possible. Whether you have a small or big issue, they’re always there!

    Full Money-Back Guarantee 

    Convesio managed WordPress hosting is an excellent option for anyone who wants to keep their website safe and functional.

    They are also ready to give you a 30-day free trial without credit card information to make sure the product works right before you sign up for an expensive plan! That way, if it fails, you don’t risk it.

    High Speed

    Convesio has parallel database query processing, built-in edge caching, HTTP / 2, and more for optimizing your site at high speed.

    Free Migration

    Convesio can help you move your WordPress website from any web host to Convesio at no extra cost. Its experienced team works quickly and efficiently and completes the project within 48 hours.

    Here’s how to set up a WordPress website in Convesio?
    Just like any other hosting company, launching a website is now fun with Convesio, as you can also start a free trial of it. Convesio gives a risk-free 30-day trial before a full subscription charge. Here’s how you can set up your WordPress website in convesio in two simple steps:-
    Step One: Signup
    Go to and click on the login option.

    You can see the sign-up option and once you signup, you will get directed to the convesio dashboard.
    Sign up for high availablity WordPress hosting Convesio
    Click on “create your first site.”
    Convesio Cloud Manager Dashboard
    Now, Click on set advanced options.”
    Host wordpress website with ease with Convesio
    Choose the location, database type, WordPress version, and webserver type. Choose a location that is closer to your audience.

    After clicking deploy, a terminal will open. This process takes up to 5 minutes to implement.

    Hooray!! Your Site Is Ready…..
    Convesio WordPress Site

    Now, Let’s Check The Speed Of Our New Website On GtMetrix:

    Convesio WordPress Hosting Loading Time

    We’re amazed to see that the total loading time of the website is just 321ms, which most reputable hosting companies fail to offer.

    Step Two: Add SSL certificate, domain, backup and more

    The rest of the work starts here. You will need IP address details to point your domain for conversion.

    Click add domain, → paste your domain → go to your domain provider → add a record and point them to your IP address.

    best wordpress hosting convesio ssl certificates

    Click on “Add SSL certificate” to protect your website.

    You can also Enable Backup, Caching, and autoscaling.

    What is the difference between WordPress hosting and managed WordPress hosting?

    If shared hosting allows you to host a website on their servers, managed hosting companies only will enable you to use WordPress websites. This means that if your site does not have WordPress integrated or does not use most of the extensions available. Regular hosting is generally cheaper than a managed server for a new website.

    Pros & Cons Of Convesio:

    Pros of Convesio

    • You can watch the youtube videos to get an explanation about using convesio WordPress management.
    • You can schedule a 30-minute demonstration to understand their services.
    • Convesio declares a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
    • Convesio is an excellent tool for boosting page speed.

    Cons of Convesio

    • Convesio is expensive for small businesses.

    Convesio Pricing

    Convesio offers four different plans for every budget. The basic plan ($ 50 per month) includes a whopping 5GB of storage, 512MB of memory, and 10,000 monthly visits. If you exceed the visitor limit, the auto-scaling system will increase all traffic without interruption!

    It is also a good option for those who are more concerned about performance than features – Convesio offers CDNs globally via Cloudflare and a fast integrated cache, among other things, at this price point.

    convesio pricing plans

    If you’ve already built your business or website and want to drive growth, you can choose the growth plan ($ 100 per month) or efficiency plan ($ 150 per month) in just a few clicks.

    In a growth plan, it can handle up to 50,000 monthly visits with 1GB of memory. In a performance plan, it can handle up to 150,000 monthly visits with 2GB of memory.

    The office plan is for those who produce more than 150,000 monthly visits. Convesio offers a customizable package for the agency plan. For example, you can add multiple websites simultaneously, which will cost you $ 350 per month.

    Verdict!! Shoud You Buy Convesio Hosting?

    Scaling WordPress is complicated, but Convesio makes it easy! Implement this scalable, fast infrastructure in less than a minute without the need for server administrators. Take away the frustration and hassle of managing your own WordPress hosting service. Most businesses choose Convesio’s innovative hosting high-performance-based platform. Convesio is not just another hosting provider.

    The infrastructure is designed from the ground up to host high-performance, scalable WordPress sites. Convesio is simple, inexpensive, and powerful and makes complex server setups a breeze. You can deploy a WordPress site with load balancing, a database cluster, and an unnecessary file system in less than a minute.

    With the best WordPress hosting convesio, you can end the burden of server management, security, performance, and uptime monitoring.

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